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curious about work boot options.

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  • curious about work boot options.

    Anybody know of any good or even decent work boots that don't feel like your wearing much? i am limited to what i can wear at work due to safety reasons and when i wear my work boots my left ankle gets sore but it only happens to me with my work boots, the majority of the time i'm barefoot and it's a non issue i workout barefoot about the only time i have ever really worn shoes my whole life is going out in public. and i can't wear any "open toe" i'm sure vibrams would be a no go also, even though people i work with wear shoes that have open backs i'm sure USDA would find a reason to complain in case you didn't know USDA stands for (unlimited supply of dumb asses) So if anyone has good workout boot reccomendations that are pretty light i would love to hear them. Right now i have some workboots from shoes for crews and their pretty good -the discomfort.