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Pains While in Bed (Sleeping)

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  • Pains While in Bed (Sleeping)

    I've recently started experiencing a weird issue... I have a habit of turning onto my back when sleeping, Which is strange in itself, as up until a couple of months ago I have always slept on my side or stomach.

    So I may fall asleep on my side, but I'll wake up on my back. In pain! My abs and general core muscles will be sore, and a single intake of breath results in a really sharp pain through my diaphragm (I think) and abdominal muscles. As soon as I sit up or turn back to my side, all is fine, no sign of pain. Also no such pain happens during the day.

    But then I'm waking up a couple of hours later on my back, AGAIN.

    I have noticed this is worse during DOMS. Although I can't be sure since I've been working out a fair amount lately.

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    Do you experience DOMS a lot?


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      Only when pushed way beyond to what I have done. For example, If i do shoulder presses with 15kg dumbells normally, then move onto 20kg next time, I would get DOMS. But if I do the same again with 20kg I don't tend to get DOMS.

      It's just that lately I've been increasing intensity more often.


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        I have this EXACT thing! I was kind of freaking out a little about it because the pain is pretty intense, especially at 2:30AM. I finally figured out it was my bed. I've been sleeping in my guest bedroom for the past 3 weeks and the pain has completely gone away. One nap in my old bed and the same thing will happen.


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          I don't know your age or physical condition/history, but a few years ago, after sleeping on my stomach for a long time, I became unable to sleep on my stomach. My chiroporactor (I would recommend you see one to make sure things are aligned well, could be part of the issue if you're lifting weights) challenged me to start sleeping on my back. It has helped a lot. I can't sleep on my stomach without lower back pain now. There can be some discomfort and pain if your body is used to being aligned a certain way and that changes. Your mattress/bed obvious can affect this as well. I don't sleep well in my husband's pillow-top bed, so we sleep in my old bed, which has a fairly firm foam (alliteration ftw) mattress from Ikea.
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