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How many primals do you know?

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      3. All converts from observing my experience. Wish I could claim more.
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        None, yet.

        I sent my BF a copy of PB and the Eades' Protein Power Lifeplan. My BF is obese (probably 5'3" and 240), as is the majority of her family- most fighting diabetes or autoimmune diseases. She's amenable to the idea. She's been telling me that I sound and look HAPPY. She's in the middle of finals right now but said she'll give it a go once the semester is over.

        Another one of my very best BFs is visiting me over the next 4 days. I told her how I've been eating but that there's no pressure for her to adapt, and we'll still have fun and eat out and lounge near the pool and drink more than is grok appropriate (perhaps I'll coin the term Grunk?). She's totally down for eating differently and seemed excited about a 4 day experiment.

        Then! I've been talking to my mom about the evils of grains and sugar. My mom has Crohn's, my sister has horrible psoriasis and my step-dad has gout. Nobody in my family is obese or has diabetes but, man oh man, the autoimmune problems. I'm visiting my family the first week of June; my mom is really psyched about the changes I told her I've experienced and she wants me to prep the food for everyone while I'm home. My mom is pretty much housebound because her Crohn's is so bad, so I am stoked to research this topic and possibly help her with her near-intolerance for everything.

        My friends and family are generally pretty open-minded folks. I'm lucky. =)
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          I was Paleo for about a year and now Primal for 1 month (LOVE IT), and now my daughter is full Primal for 2 weeks.

          p.s.....I really like how everyone helps each other on this site!! Strong or soft all really help me!!


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            2, a buddy and me.


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              2 - DH and a dude at work.