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Things 'Primitive' People Owned - (got sources?)

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  • Things 'Primitive' People Owned - (got sources?)

    Ages ago, I saw one of those TV shows with re-enactments that tracked the development of humankind. At one point, when the people were living in simple huts, they showed a leather pouch belonging to one of the people. I seem to remember that it contained some stones (for throwing?), a blade-eged stone, and a bone comb. Though I might be wrong.

    Anyways, I'm really interested in the objects that were used and owned by early peoples, and figured that maybe - given the interest in this area shared by many PBers - you might have some resource suggestions.

    A thousand karma points if anyone has a clue what video/series I might have seen!

    Is anyone else interested in paleoanthropology generally?

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    Found it! Hooray for youtube. It's quite fascinating. I particularly like the comments from the archaeologist on the aesthetic properties of the mortar and pestle. It's interesting that aesthetics are very important even to very early people who had such precarious lives, and you see it in modern tribal peoples too. Funny how we lose that in contemporary life, and make so much ugly crap, when we have the technology for inexpensive, good quality, beautiful mass production.

    I love that simple bag of tools - stones, flints, blades, bones and a sickle. It just says so much.


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      That entire series seems interesting.