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    I live in Wisconsin. I bought a pair of Merrell Vibram 'Frost Glove' boots last winter and I love them. Not a true barefoot experience, but much better than the heavy soled Sorrel or other brands. Primaloft insulation and light weight.

    Women's style.

    I have had trouble with my toes on the right foot for the past two weeks. Overuse of the shoes, I think. It feels bruised at the base of toes 2/3 and only hard soled shoes work right now for comfort. I've been taking high dose curcumin and resting. Yesterday I noticed I could flex while walking without pain so I am ready to exercise again. Rough 2 weeks! The toe spacer sounds interesting.
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      Love my SoftStar Phoenix boots. They are leather, but if you use their waterproofer they can handle some slush and water. And with the cushy sheepskin inners you don't need to wear socks!


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        I'm not on the forum here very much but I have recently been looking for minimalist dress shoes. The women's styles aren't my style, or they are not leather (and my feet need to breathe). Anyway, that had me looking at men's shoes. Vivobarefoot has a few "nice casual" men's styles that would work in my "office casual" work environment but they didn't work for me. The saddle shoe bites into the back of my ankle, and the Jay loafer looks too much like a men's shoe on me.

        However, the Tune shoes that are mentioned in this thread look good and feel good. They don't look feminine but they're neutral enough that they work with my business-wear. They are definitely the dressiest minimalist shoe I've seen.

        Anyway, there's a deal going on with Tunes shoes via a crowdsource funding site. The shoes are about $100 on the Tunes site but (through October) they are $80 for one pair on the funding site or $150 for two pairs, and shipping is free. The site says the shoes will ship in November but according to an email I received from Tunes, they are fully stocked and are shipping the shoes immediately.

        I'm not connected with Tunes, I just wanted to flag this for anyone else looking for minimalist dress shoes and for the excellent pricing that's available with the crowdsourcing.

        If you're concerned about returning the shoe if it doesn't fit, I would suggest emailing them. What happened with me was, I bought a pair of shoes last week (full price through their website) and they were too small. I submitted for an exchange for a larger size and didn't get a reply. Meanwhile the crowdsourcing thing came out. I felt kind of bummed about missing out on the pricing but they responded to my exchange request and they themselves proposed giving me a refund for the return, and I could buy the replacement pair through the better deal on the crowdsource site.

        Oops. Editing to add the link: