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    Originally posted by Violette_R View Post
    A few years ago I went on a first (and only) date that was so awful that if I were a sitcom writer I would have turned it into an episode because it would be hilarious to anyone who wasn't me. Except the episode would have included me sneaking out the kitchen during one of his FIVE cigarette breaks like I should have done instead of being polite and gritting my teeth through it.

    Anyway, one of the many issues of the date was his really aggressively pushing food on me that I didn't want to eat. Even if the rest of the date hadn't been a fiasco that would have made me not want to see him again. Someone that pushy and controlling over food would be nothing but trouble.
    Sorry, it was the only way I could get the courage to push my food on you
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      Originally posted by GiGiEats View Post
      I don't feel like I can have guy friends because I always feel like they have an ulterior motive! Even if they have girlfriends, I always get a sense...... Currently DRIVING me crazy!
      Thats because they do.... always..... unless they are gay.


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        Originally posted by zoebird View Post
        part of the issue is thinking that you are undateable for whatever reasons.

        in all truth, i thought I was undatable. why? because I thought I was plain (turns out I'm pretty); I thought that I was just too strange/unusual in many ways; I didn't dress/act like other girls my age (still don't); didn't do any drugs or drink at all; basically a health nut; also into yoga and meditation; etc etc etc.

        so, i decided to just go "yeah, well, ok. so i'm undateable. I'll enjoy my life as a single gal, doing things that I love." And I did. I went out and did things that I enjoy and I didn't care if i dated. Then, i started to get asked out on a million dates. And, i met my husband. ANd it turns out his just like me. Like, we are totally the same.

        moral of story: stop over-analysing everything. work on liking yourself. do things you enjoy. be honest and open with people. don't be afraid to ask someone out if you're interested and don't fear their rejection if they reject you.
        You have good points. I've always thought I was average looking, but I've also had random strangers (one old lady in particular...I'm flattering myself that she had good eyesight!) tell me that I'm pretty. I think I also tend to give off the "stay back" vibe. Plenty of my good friends don't share all the same interests, but are still good friends, so my standards for dating someone are probably at least partially a way to rationalize not dating, if that makes sense.

        As for my mayonnaise... What if he doesn't use the right vinegar, or prefers a different texture? And if he breaks the emulsion, crappy oil, egg, and vinegar mixture might hit the fan And then I wouldn't be able to use my delicious balsamic garlic olive oil mayo to make chicken salad. And that would be tragic. So many things could go wrong! Wait...I'm having a moment of self-awareness. Maybe I am a LEETLE bit controlling...

        Time to go work toward pullups and watch reality TV (I'm taking a break from ST:TOS).