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    Congrats on the weightloss, Cinders - enjoy your holiday!


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      Originally posted by cinders View Post
      Hi Dragonfly,
      thanks for your help. I have read your blog with interest. I have really cut down my carbs and am around the 50 mark which I am very happy with. I am also delighted to report a 4lb weight loss in 1 week so I will keep on going.
      We're going on holiday next week for 10 days so I'll really have to curb myself. Its getting over the mentality,on an all inclusive holiday, that you've paid for it so why shouldn't you eat it!! This is our 5th all inclusive holiday so I'm pretty sure I'm over that now and will stick on the straight and narrow. all I need to do is look at my stomach in a bikini ( not a pretty sight!!!), and that should keep me going!!!!
      So glad it was helpful, Cinders. Congrats on your progress and have a great time!
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        Have you tried removing nightshades from your diet? Tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and eggplant, oh and tobacco if you smoke. The pain those foods were causing me was ridiculous! Within one week, I was sooooo much better, off the narcotics and then off the ibuprofen. I could move again! Check out some of the posts here about it - the stories are amazing.

        Can you go swimming? It really helps with movement and overall well being when in so much pain.

        Best of luck to you!