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2 weeks in and exhausted?

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  • 2 weeks in and exhausted?

    I've been probably 80% paleo for two weeks now but I'm finding that all week I've just been so exhausted. Absolutely low energy and just yawning all the time. Is this normal? I'm getting 7-9 hours of sleep at night, if that helps figure out what's going on.

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    Its gonna be about food. Do you know what you've been eating for fats, protien, and carbs daily?


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      And what electrolytes you are taking.
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        It's called carb flu. Do a forum search for it and you will find many with similar symptoms when starting.
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          Not necessarily "carb flu", could be withdrawal symptoms (less refined sugar -> no more sugar "highs", no grains like wheat -> no more opiate-like stuff reaching your brain, and maybe more free fatty acids in the bloodstream due to a common side effect -> weight loss).

          AKlingen, I would certainly go 100% primal from the start, not 80%. The reason is that if you keep 20% of your diet composed of refined sugar, bad fats like PUFAs from vegetable oils, and wheat or more generally gluten bearing grains , you can really slow down the improvements you may experience without any of these items and have a lingering withdrawal phase. But you have to weigh this with your social environment, how adaptable you are, and if 100% primal feels more like a torture to start with. YMMV


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            Maybe I'm not 80% then. I threw out everything in my apartment. All foods and we had started fresh. Except for honey. We've been trying out different paleo dessert-type of things and it might be that I need to cut out the honey? I've been eating veggies, fruit, beef, turkey for the past two weeks along with almond flour and honey.


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              Careful with the almond flour and honey. forget sweets altogether and don't try to make substitutes for the standard american diet. Maybe try writing down everything you eat for a few days and enter it into a website like myfitnesspal to see if you're getting enough calories. I have been doing that for a few days now and for me it was very educational although I probably won't keep it up for much longer. I noticed that when I eat real meat and get rid of the wheat products that its very easy to go through the whole day and not even eat my target minimum number of calories. If thats your case then maybe is causes your low energy.