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Advise for a bartender sleep schedule

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  • Advise for a bartender sleep schedule

    Over the last few years I have been lethargic, drinking way too much, considering myself "healthy" just because I'm not fat and have started wondering if I suffer from a bit of ADD (due to a counselor proposing the idea.) Before jumping into meds to help sleep habits and focusing my attention during the day, I have been doing a bunch of web surfing and here I am. I'm stoked. I think the Primal way of life is for me and I am very motivated to change and think it will help with these issues I've been struggling with.

    The one thing that I am uncertain about is how to create a healthy sleep schedule. My schedule as a bartender is working four days a week (usually Monday, Thursday-Saturday) from 3pm to 3am each of those days. I love my job and don't mind the 12 hour shifts at all. I'm finally not trying to go against my body when I sleep in till the afternoon hours after work days. My dilemma is whether or not I should maintain those night owl hours on my days off. I like the idea of falling asleep/waking up with the sun, but I wonder if I am doing myself more harm by changing my body clock a couple of times a week.

    Does anyone else have a strange work schedule that can give me some suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'd keep your body clock constant. One thing you might try is splitting the sleep into two segments instead of one, long period.


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      If you are able to maintain those hours on your off day, I would. They say that's best if you can do it.

      I couldn't when I was working overnight or getting into work in the middle of the night. That made for some hellish commutes home after work. I was a complete zombie.


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        Consistency is probably best. Your mental/physical activity and meals contain strong signals. The damage dealt by night work can never be fully undone but in your shoes I would probably enjoy a nice meal after work, relax and entertain myself for 2-3 hours, then sleep from 6am~2pm, and try to socialize a lot during the free evenings.

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          I work the night shift 6 months of the year. I would absolutely recommend keeping your sleep habits consistent. If you're able try to take naps as needed when you have the time.


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            We all do different stuff on night shift. I err on the side of extra sleep and usually catch a 16 hour nap on my first day off to switch back to days. Some of my coworkers (the ones with huge bags under their eyes) prefer to stay awake and power through. I tried that, and it's usually terrible. Barring special occasions, more sleep has been the rule. Since you get off work at 3 AM, you could easily catch a 4 or 5 hour nap and then wake up, live a bit, and get to bed early that day, for a mega-sleep to reset you for the next day.

            But, so you know who you're getting advice from, my shift is usually 8 days on, 10 hour shifts from 9:30 PM to 7:30 AM, then 6 days off. I'm also a mad man and feel awesome toward the end of my shift, probably adrenaline...probably not good?

            Fasting on your first day off or on is supposed to reset your circadian rhythm, but I have no idea whether it really helps, personally. I'm always a little spaced out on my first/second day off or on.

            Do you have a significant other for whom switching to days is worth doing? If I lived alone I'd just keep my sleep schedule the same and sleep every day.
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              I think you all have confirmed what I was already rationalizing. I know that I am just allowing myself to feel guilty for something that I shouldn't be embarrassed about in the first place. The way it sounds to most people when I talk about my sleep habits is that I am at a bar till the wee hours in the morning and "get" to sleep into the afternoon. They tend to forget about the fact that I'm serving them their drinks and cleaning up after them, all to do it again the next day. Seriously, I do love my job

              And as far as the schedule and dating life, I've come to realize that it has to be laid on the table right away. The last guy didn't seem to get it and I think was part of my feeling guilty for sleeping late. Thankfully my dog doesn't mind me sleeping in. Dogs are great like that.

              G'night to you all and thanks for the advise.
              Gonna stay up for another couple of hours