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Need some immunity-boosting advice.... tired of being sick so much!

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  • Need some immunity-boosting advice.... tired of being sick so much!

    So I read the brags from other paleo/primal folks about how their immune system is rock solid, however I've not been so lucky. My family and I have still gotten just as sick in the past 10 months (went primal last September) and it seems for me as soon as summer comes I'm CONSTANTLY sick. Last weekend I battled full-on bronchitis, and this week it felt like it was getting better but this morning I woke up with a KILLER sore throat. So here we go again.

    I'm SO tired of being sick in the summer, it's been like this for me the past 3 years. I even went to an allergist last summer thinking maybe I'd developed allergies later in life (I'm 38) but there were no positive tests.

    For anyone who still gets regular colds/sore throats/sinus issues, have you done anything to increase your immunity that has actually worked? I'm practically in tears thinking of another week in a row of feeling crappy and am about to just start popping Emergen-C and Zinc lozenges.

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    Vitamin A, D, K2 and some t3
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      There are like 4,000 direction to go, but one is this: could you be being exposed to an environmental contamination such as an air quality issue at home or at work or at a summer activity that differs from your usual routine? In the summer people can get exposed to molds in ductwork that hasn't been cleaned in 100 years. Exposed to different foods than are eaten the rest of the year?

      Eating a variety of foods that cover your nutritional needs? If one is going to go the "I ain't eatin no veggies" variety of primal, that requires eating hearts and livers and kidneys and such to get a full nutritional intake and even then I have some questions.
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        Check your vents and air filters at your residence and work place, if you haven't already.


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          What is your Vitamin D3 level?
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            Thanks all, definitely given me something to think about. I'm leaning toward our air ducts/ac needing some cleaning out. It seems like I get hit with the same symptoms every year at the same time, which is right around when we're turning on our a/c and running fans non-stop.


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              I really, really recommend apple cider vinegar (ACV).

              My mother used to take it everyday and hardly ever got sick, and I've been taking it 3 times a day, for the past 3 weeks, and I haven't come down with any colds, cold sores, or blisters like my family has.


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                I would also question your, and your family's, vit D levels. Make sure your getting enough either from direct sunlight or a D3 supp. if you need to.

                Also, you could try taking some colostrum (capsule form, of course). It does a wonderful job if you take it at the first sign of any potential illness.
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                  i take d3, k2 and magnesium. eat a wide variety of whole foods. haven't been sick since giving up grains almost 4 years ago.

                  i'd check for mold in your home or workplace, and change out any air filters too.
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                    Have you talked to the doctor? There are a number of immune system conditions (Immune deficiencies) which can result in recurrent infections - typically chest infections. See if the doctor will run a full set of tests across your immunoglobulins -not just the total but also the figures for at least IgA, IgM. These conditions can be inherited, so it is incredibly unlikely both your partner and you have one, but you and your kids may well have.

                    At one stage I was having a lot of recurrent problems, and the immunologist put me on rhinocort (nasal corticosteroid) to be used in spring and summer. It stops the allergic reaction (since the tests don't detect what I am allergic to) and that in turn stops the infections.


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                      Check for mould in your house! I kept getting sick one winter and it turned out it was the mould.

                      Other than that, squeeze garlic into raspberry tea. For some reason that combination accelerates my healing when I'm already sick.
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                        I was like that too 2 years ago. Constantly got sick, cold after cold after flue. Switching first to low-carb then really quick to Primal did help a bit with energy levels, but not entirely. What really did the trick for me was
                        1. Taking a magnesium supplement (I have to add not all of them are created equal, and for me the only one that works is the one people claim is least good) and variating with the levels (I take it before bed, sometimes more sometimes less, never the same levels for more than a week)
                        2. Cod liver oil. It has vitamin A, D (the version I take also has) K, and nice anti-inflammatory omega 3.
                        I still get 1 cold per year, but never more. My teeth have become perfect, my gums too, and except now that I'm pregnant and my body's acting all funny, my energy levels have been amazing.


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                          I haven't gotten a cold since December 2012, when I started eating liver and bone broth. Added vitamin K and iodine supplements a month or two later. I have also never had a day when my legs dragged since these changes were made. I can't pinpoint one change as the key. I will just keep doing them all.