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  • Best Read ever!

    Before Adam: Chapter I

    "These are our ancestors, and their history is our history.
    Remember that as surely as we one day
    swung down out of the trees and walked upright,
    just as surely, on a far earlier day,
    did we crawl up out of the sea
    and achieve our first adventure on land."

    Its kinda brief and def worth it.
    "Ah, those endless forests, and their horror-haunted gloom! For what eternities have I wandered through them, a timid, hunted creature, starting at the least sound, frightened of my own shadow, keyed-up, ever alert and vigilant, ready on the instant to dash away in mad flight for my life. For I was the prey of all manner of fierce life that dwelt in the forest, and it was in ecstasies of fear that I fled before the hunting monsters."

    Jack london, "Before Adam"