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"Clogged Arteries for Dummies"

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  • "Clogged Arteries for Dummies"

    http://<a href=" - YouTube</a>

    Received this in an e-mail. Looks like its from the 80's or 90's. Is there any factual basis for this? Does fat really float to the top of blood like that? It just looked crazy to me. Thought I'd see what you all have to say about it.
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    link doesn't work?


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      Sorry, maybe this will work.


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        Once it is spun in a centrifuge (the narrator says "processed") ya, the fat ends up on the top of the tube.
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          All the sugar and bread is a more likely culprit than the fat. Much more likely. As to all the fat in the tube, dunno.



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            Please read for some less voodooish science.

            Causes of Atherosclerosis


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              What you are looking at is blood cholesterol, which is completely unrelated to dietary cholesterol. Read this link for a great explanation of why.

              Cholesterol » Diagnosis: Diet

              That "eating fat/cholesterol causes fat/cholesterol in the blood" is very logical, but it is not true at all. It is more about inflammation, and oxidization than about eating fat, and cholesterol. If that were true then a vegetarian would always have low cholesterol, but that is not the case.

              A longtime vegetarian gets a high cholesterol count - Los Angeles Times (I didn't read the whole article this is just the first of many that come up when you google vegetarian high cholesterol)


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                He just mentions meat fat and dairy fat, like those are the only things wrong with the cheeseburger milkshake meal. Then it jumps immediately, a la correlation/causation, to pulling globs of fat out of arteries, like its that simple. It made me curious about who made this video and its part in the low-fat, high carb propaganda machine and why the heck it is still circulating around the internet.


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                  Clogged arteries ARE for dummies!

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                    I always found when donating blood, that if I'd been pigging out on carbs (cake, biscuits, crisps) that my blood would almost never sink in the test tube (sometimes floating) even though it was always fine on actual iron content. If I'd been good and eating minimal carbs and plenty of meat and cheese in the few weeks before, it would sink like a stone. I assumed this was an indication of the density of my whole blood and thus the level of fat/cholesterol in my blood. Definitely related to carb intake in my case.
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                      Is there anything in the human body that serves and acts as a centrifuge?


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                        Originally posted by StephenHLi View Post
                        Is there anything in the human body that serves and acts as a centrifuge?
                        You've clearly never been on the teacup ride with me.

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