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Sugar/Ice Cream consumption is addictive.

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  • Sugar/Ice Cream consumption is addictive.

    I're thinking..."obvious..Duh!"

    Here's a paper that actually seems to show that increase ice cream consumption lowers the reward response in the brain leading (potentially ) to excess consumption over time.

    Frequent ice cream consumption is associated with reduced striatal response to receipt of an ice cream

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    My question: Is your brain messed up forever or will it get better with time if you stop the frequent consumption of ice cream?
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      I eat small amounts of ice cream (1 small dish per day). My boyfriend eats a medium-size dish. My ex-husband was able to eat half a gallon of ice cream over two sittings in one day.

      How does ice cream treat you? Are you addicted? Is it a trigger?

      Me? Not giving up the homemade ice cream. I love making it now that I have a nice ice cream machine, even if it means that the refrigerator freezer is sometimes full of ice cream for weeks on end before there is room to make more.


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        eKatherine, your freezer would NOT be full of ice cream if I lived there. I do have an addiction and must be very careful not to have any at all, b/c it can easily lead to a binge (: