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    I wonder how much we've lost not developing our sense of smell.
    There is a theory that says we have actually GAINED with the loss of smell. Read it in a book about dogs' communication but can't remember the name of it. Anyway, it says its not possible to have simultaneuosly a good sense of smell and a mouth that is capable of speech, just has to be divided one or the other. So we had that very first pact of cooperation where the dogs took upon them the smelling and humans could develop speaking, communicating, eventually developing culture, science, etc. That also explains why we have that instinct that we need a dog. Without a dog we are not humans, just could not become. However small and impractical. But then on the other hand, if you don't have to hunt a mammoth, then a chivava or Yorkshire terrier can just as well warn you about strange and possibly dangerous smells in the house. Its all about training them.

    And to answer your initial question: my mom, a human, can smell where we, her family, have walked, she can follow the trail of smell. And please, we don't stink Strangers - no. Now when I get older, sometimes I can smell things almost as well as she can. But I always was able to wake up at night from smell of fire, smoke (even neigbours smoking weed at night), burning rubber, electric insulation, etc. Then I run around sniffing to find the source. Proved useful, if not always saving lives, quite often saving some property. Or can smell a little mould on an apple in the trash, I mean, just walking by the kitchen. And sure I can smell where my kids have been and what they have done. No secret smoking or anything.
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