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  • "I could never do that."

    Had lunch with friends yesterday. One was commenting that she was heavier than she's ever been. She wanted to know how I had lost weight.

    "I'm following a Paleo diet."
    "What's that?"
    "Whole foods. Nothing processed. No sugar and no wheat, so no bread or pasta."
    With a shake of the head and a dismissive wave of the hand, "I could never do that."
    End of discussion.

    This is the easiest thing I've ever done!!!! But I can't tell you how many times friends have told me they could never do it. I have NO will power, ZERO, and yet here I am down 40 pounds with little effort.

    Anyone else have trouble convincing friends/family that they, too, can do this?
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    Ive tried many a time to get my family/friends to try this lifestlye, but they are so poisened by conventional wisdom that by the end of the conversation theres a massive argument. They wont listen to me because of what there "Doctors" and "Dietitions" have told them, so I no longer bother with them anymore, its so frustrating. But anyway

    I feel your pain


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      oh Lord yes. Like on a daily basis. I get:

      "Oh I HAVE to have carbs, I get grumpy without carbs."
      "Can you have Splenda?"
      "I could never live without pasta!"

      You get the picture. Whenever people say they could NEVER do this or that, I just say simply, "Yes you can, and you should."


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        I don't really try to convince anyone. The closest I've come to that is a friend of mine who is in his late 60s and eats a very low fat diet. I tried to tell him that his brain needs fat. That's all. He either will google and find the info or he won't. I did y best.
        "Right is right, even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it." - St. Augustine


        Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.


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          Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
          I don't really try to convince anyone.
          I think that's the best policy. You can be matter-of-fact about what works for you, but most people don't want to hear much more. I think it's socially more acceptable to eat "wildly unhealthy foods" (i.e. meat, bacon, cheese, butter) than to be a "health nut".
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            Yep, about the only thing I do is describe the diet without the PALEO jargon. And just leave it, it works for me. Then I just remind myself that 5 months ago I might have reacted the same way.


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              People want there to be a different answer other than the answer.


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                I don't bother any more.
                Sometimes people ask, I just say I don't eat processed foods. If they are interested they ask more and a give a bit more info. If still interested, I'll tell them more. I don't mention paleo/primal. If they can't/won't do it then that's their choice - I'm not their keeper.


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                  I once had the following conversation with a grocery store clerk (this was before I went Primal):

                  Her: "Why are you buying all the gluten free stuff?"
                  Me: "I have Celiac so I can't eat anything with wheat, barley, spelt etc in it or I get very sick."
                  Her: "Oh my God, I'd kill myself if I couldn't have bread and pasta."
                  Me: ".... um... You do realize you just said my life wasn't worth living, right?"
                  Her: *blink blink... blank stare*

                  I wish that was an isolated incident too. It's shocking how many people have told me they would commit suicide if they had to live with my dietary restrictions.


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                    And it is rather amazing what people think they can't do. I have had a lifelong phobia of needles. I used to have to lay down when I had blood drawn because I would faint, really quite pathetic.

                    I found out when I got pregnant with my youngest child that I had a serious medical condition that could kill both of us. The only solution was to give myself shots every 12 hours for my entire pregnancy and 2 months beyond.

                    So many people told me that they could never do it. I will admit the first shot I had to do myself was scary but I wanted that baby and I wanted to live so I would have stuck that needle in my eye if I had to. When push comes to shove you do what you need to do, right? Are we somehow the minority who are willing to take steps to protect our health?


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                      I would tell them: Don't believe everything you think. But then, I really don't care about what others want to eat or not. I've given up on changing people's minds about food a long time ago.


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                        If they can't change their diet to fix their diet-based problems, good for them. You've planted the seed, now it's their turn to act.



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                          Originally posted by Poppi View Post
                          It's shocking how many people have told me they would commit suicide if they had to live with my dietary restrictions.
                          As mentioned I don't normally bring it up - unless they are about to bring me food (friends, relatives, and waiters ).

                          One reaction was the brother of a friend (of Italian family background) - when I said I don't eat refined starches, he said jokingly of himself "you may as well shoot me now - there's nothing left to eat" I just laughed along and said there's plenty, but I can be a challenge if you're used accustomed to a high carb diet.

                          A minute later his question was "what's the best exercise to loose weight". I said as an office worker, if you keep eating bread, pasta, pizza, gnocchi and risotto every day, then I have no idea. I just cant see any practical way that anyone can burn off that fuel, it's just better to not load up with that type of fuel in the first place.
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                            Of course I have trouble! "You mean you want to eat all that fat?" Yep. Pass the bacon! What's amazing is how easy it was to transition..I loved big bowls of spaghetti but then when you think about it, what does spaghetti, or any pasta for that matter, taste like? It's the sauce I enjoyed so now I put it over spaghetti squash or "spaghetti-ed" zucchini.

                            No need for carb overload..I think that's what people have a hard time comprehending. There are great alternatives that are at your fingertips and are much more healthy.


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                              I didn't think I could, either. That was my first reaction. Had to try something, though. Was suprised at how manageable it was, thanks to everyone's help and advice three years ago on this forum. Lol, remember Grizz? Bwah hah. Silly goose. I don't miss him. :P
                              Crohn's, doing SCD