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Interpreting Blood Test Results

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    Sorry Branf6don, I'm not sure what you mean by that - I attached my readings which should include the date to my above posts...


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      Originally posted by CarbDodger View Post
      I don't understand why you need help interpreting these, if youre actually after a pat on the back for a job well done I'll give you one because they are mainly 99.9% excellent.
      The 2 highlighted areas
      lymphocytosis; you may have had a mild infection such as a cold in the previous 4 weeks. ignore
      Potassium; is too high, remove or at least halve your supplements. you don't want it any higher
      other than this minor K issue its perfect
      The beginning of this reply seemed a little harsh...don't you think?


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        We Americans would have to convert all those numbers to our units. That's too much work. Overall they look excellent.

        You can google each one of those names and get tons of information. There is a ration of sodium - potassium and sodium to something else (forgotten) that should be maintained. Look for those balances first.

        It's very odd that your doctor would tell you you're in excellent health and then tell you to change your diet. But most doctor's are illogical in the same way. You'd think, if he was really into science, he'd ask your advice as to diet.
        "When the search for truth is confused with political advocacy, the pursuit of knowledge is reduced to the quest for power." - Alston Chase


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          Thanks Cryptocode.


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            I received results for another blood test that I had done Monday - 6 months after my first test (above). I've included the image below.

            I had a different doctor this time, and although he was impressed with my results - he was very against my Ketogenic approach. He didn't elaborate why.

            As expected, the lymphocytes went down this test - making it more likely that it was due to a flu/infection on my previous test.

            With my potassium having dropped - I haven't changed anything specific that I'm aware of from 6 months ago that would have affected that.

            Should I be celebrating, or what!? As an aside, it's now been 18 months since kicking off with the whole diet-change, and I just clicked over 45kg lost!

            Health - Blood Test 131202.jpg
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