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  • Question about Root Canal.

    Hello everyone, I have a situation I've been seriously contemplating what to do. I'm 22 years old and recently had (in april) 4 wisdom teeth removed due to them being impacted, and causing cavities in some molars that the wisdom teeth crashed into. 6 teeth were removed, wisdom plus 2 molars. So I have one molar on the upper right of my mouth in the back, that has a hole in it, pretty big too. It was infected again at the end of may, so naturally went to the dentist...they gave me 150mg clindamycin for about 7 days, so I've been down that road before although I hate taking anti biotics, I did so with kefir and didn't have any noticeable ill effects, stomach wise mainly. I felt a lot better after my anti biotic rounds though it started up again, and my face began to hurt not badly just enough to notice, and the tooth is the only one in my mouth that I can feel like apparently there, it stands out among all others, and is sensitive to cold liquids (hurts a lot) . Back to the dentist, they think a root canal can save it, and at the time I'm thinking oh gee that sounds great saving all the teeth I can. I get on clindamycin again although aware of its most likely diminished or non existent effectiveness having just been on it. I tried garlic btw for natural anti biotic, It burns a ton , not that I minded. It just didn't really seem to work the magic and I took it just like you would anti biotic, frequently. Try to keep my mouth clean with baking soda, peroxide (although I have two bottom molars with amalgams in them so I am ..very wary about using peroxide anymore until some day when I can get the amalgams out) I take apple cider vinegar every now and then too. Diets pretty primal, or whole foods , teas, veggies, fruits, meats not grass fed but I'm working on it, farm eggs, wine, nuts, grass fed butter, actual dark chocolate etc... Anyways the question: to root canal or not to root canal meaning extraction, I've been thinking of what to do all day as my appointment for a consultation is tomorrow, I had the hole of the molar cleaned out a lil bit and they put something in there to close it up for the time being. It doesn't sit well with me to have an extra questionable substance in my mouth, as well as having a tooth that to me seems pretty dead, I'm thinking of having it extracted but I'm not sure if this is wise. Any thoughts , wisdom , advice would be really appreciated, and thanks for reading this question anyways if you did as non eloquently conveyed it was haha .

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    Don't get a root canal. Get the tooth extracted and get an implant.

    I had a root canal at 20. $2000. At 22, the tooth broke and needed a crown - $2000. At 26, the crown needed replaced- $2000. At 28, the crown fell off and the root cracked. They wanted to "try" another $2000 crown. I said, oh hell no. They did an extraction - $200. I'm now missing a molar and it's no big deal (I'm 39 so for 10 years, no tooth no problem). I could get an implant- it's around $5000.

    Just go for the extraction and get an implant when you have money.
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      Thanks much for your reply, and a timeline of events for your experience. I feel as you do, that I'm better off in this case getting the extraction, so that is what I will do. An implant down the road is possible. In the meantime the remaining teeth I have need extra care. I was thinking something like a waterpik, experimenting with tooth powders, homemade pastes(something to remineralize) , k2 supplements. Well anywho, thanks for the answer again.


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        Is there any reason for you to believe that tooth will last the rest of your life as it is? If not, I say extract it, as it's causing troubles. It's too bad you couldn't keep your wisdom teeth instead. Ugh. I got my wisdom teeth out at age 20, and I always wonder why that has to happen.
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          I never had mine out. The dentist told me it was time and I asked why. He said they cause problems. I said I feel fine. And that was that. At least, that's the best my memory can do - it's been 12 years now since that conversation. And I'm 31 now, with all 3 of my wisdom teeth! Yeah, I only grew three. Nothing on the bottom right. :P

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            Hey gamer, I found this site awhile back and tried making the toothpaste. It wasn't too bad, but not great but with some some tweaking for personal tastes it could be quite nice. Hope this helps.
            Homemade Remineralizing Toothpaste Recipe for Oral Health


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              My root canals are the best molars of the whole bunch that I have. The dental work has lasted 24 years so far.
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                Add flossing to your dental care.

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                  Originally posted by Knifegill View Post
                  And I'm 31 now, with all 3 of my wisdom teeth! Yeah, I only grew three. Nothing on the bottom right.
                  Same thing here (kind of). I've only got the upper left and lower right. The other two just plain don't exist.

                  But I've got bizarre dental genes anyway. My maternal grandma never had any adult teeth, just her baby teeth, so she had dentures from the age of 13 on.


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                    Yep, get them removed. Root canals, dead teeth, anerobic bacteria living in microtunnels in the root spewing out toxins...bad idea.

                    I would never get a root canal and I had the one I did have removed. No good.


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                      Never pay for a root canal or a crown. They both will go bad within 20-30 years. Over time dentists will want to crown most of your teeth, and to include a lot of root canals. In general they earn money by convincing you to save, by these means, as many teeth as possible. But today there is another poven option that, done once, lasts your lifetime.

                      Have the wisdom teeth removed, you don't need them. Then have the molar removed and replace with an implant and it's fake tooth. That will cost about the same as a root canal and a crown and will never need to be redone. However this should not be put off. If there is no tooth there, other teeth will move toward the empty space and may become crooked. Also, with no root or implant there, your jawbone will began to receed (become narrower) in that area. Have it done now if you can possibly afford it. And if you can afford it, have the removal and implant insertion done by and oral surgeon rather than a regular dentist.

                      As for dental care:

                      1. Don't floss your teeth as flossing can put too much pressure on the gums and cannot get into gum pockets. Use a Waterpick. It has to be that brand because it has the correct pulse speed. Use it only on the 1 or 2 setting (never above that) which is very gentle but still very effective at removing all bits of food. This Waterpick is an electric device.
                      2. Don't use an elelctric toothbrush, use a regular, soft toothbrush. Brush horizontally only, side to side, in very short strokes that do not brush the gums. Then when you rinse your teeth with water after brushing, brush up from the bottom (on the bottom teeth) and down from the top (on the top teeth).
                      3. Gargle and swish with a good bacteria-killing mouthwash. Your dentist can prescribe one.
                      4. Oil pull for 5 min. after brushing. Use Sesame or Coconut Oil.

                      This regime has been very beneficial for me over a period of more than 10 years (except for the oil pulling with is new for me).
                      Combined wtih the PB diet my various dentists, surgeons and hygenists are amazed at how healthy and white my teeth are.
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                        Yeah I forgot a few mentions in my dental care just listed some off the top of my head. Flossing definitely, though that has been part of my regiment for awhile and I'd even try miswak..oil pulling, lol anything that seems viable. Yeah the statement that root canals worked good for an individual is great however mentally I just am always aware of a foreign object in my mouth, plus the risk of error or revisiting down the line doesn't seem worth it where extraction is out and done and just healing. I'm not too greedy with the chompers, it's my fault for whatever teeth had to be taken, as well genetics play a factor, but mostly me. I'm also concerned with my amalgam fillings (2 of them) and things I consume that to put this..increase mercury levels mobilizing into my body..say from eggs I've read or potentially other foods (I am not well versed on this topic just a concern/common sense).


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                          Also for a waterpik I was thinking of this one, seems it would do the trick.

                 Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser: Health & Personal Care


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                            Cryptocode is absolutely, positively right about an empty space and the rest of the teeth shifting into that space. And about thinning of the gums/bone. Before you make the decision to extract and NOT put an implant in there immediately, should you want to go that route, I very highly recommend asking an orthodontist for advice as per a consultation what an empty hole would cause in your mouth - orthos do do consultations. And most definitely have an oral surgeon do the implant work. I have both older crowns and a semi-recent implant. The implant did not replace a crown.

                            I have no issues with my crown work - still going strong, so I have no horror stories that would sway me away from them at present. But then, I have an awesome dentist and she only uses American materials/dependable dental labs - no China stuff, which she says is in the professional lit as being inferior.
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                              Originally posted by gamergod521 View Post
                              Also for a waterpik I was thinking of this one, seems it would do the trick.

                     Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser: Health & Personal Care
                              That's the one my boyfriend just bought (on the advice of his dentist) and he loves it.