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    Hi, I'm a nursing mom and was hoping for any advice, tips or stories from other primal moms. Thanks!

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    Welcome C&Cberg!

    There is a more complete thread here, please do a search and you will get more tips. However, my 0.02...

    DO NOT restrict carbs! I noticed a drop in my milk supply when I tried that. Fruits, sweet potatoes, white potatoes and white rice (if you tolerate them!) to keep milk supply up.

    Coconut products are great to boost the lauric acid (a natural antibacterial/antiviral in breast milk) and I found that I had a better fat layer from my milk when including those.

    Focus on healthy eating, and don't worry about the weight you maintain while nursing. For many women, the weight does not just magically 'melt off' while nursing. At least it did not for me! I kept it in the upper arms/torso while nursing.

    How old is your baby?


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      Welcome C&Cberg!

      Nursing is such a beautiful experience, lucky you, I miss it!
      I wasn't primal when nursing but I can still be of some help, you can ask me anything and I'll try my best to help. I do know a few things about nursing.

      Keep up the good work!
      Let us know a little more about your baby!
      Paleo since April 2013 for health reasons.


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        I've got a big 4 month old boy! He's a tank, lol. I'm pretty much a carboholic, so I haven't been completely primal. A little hummus here, a slice of bread there... Plus, I did some research and learned it wasn't good to go without while nursing. I tried it with my first but she REALLY objected, so I stopped. Thing #2 hasn't objected so far, but like I said I'm not completely primal.

        The main thing is I gained back all the weight I lost after I gave birth and then some with my first and I don't want that to happen again. It doesn't help that I'm ravenous all the time! My sis-in-law did primal while she nursed and went from a size 8 to a 4. The brat.