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Ramblings at the 3 week mark...

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  • Ramblings at the 3 week mark...

    So it's been 3 weeks since I officially started PB. That's the "give it a try" period.
    I started at 250.4# at the official start date (254.4 a couple days earlier when I decided to just cut out junk), and now am at 237# even. I've also lost several total inches from various measurements-"official" measurements next weekend, at the 1 month mark.

    I still get some carb flu. I work nights, so I eat breakfast anywhere from 9AM to 12AM, and I'm usually not hungry while I do other things before breakfast. Traditional dinner time at work is 8PM. I find myself snacking a bit between those times, but still feel tired sometimes, even after a snack. I also have a nap most days, but usually still get a little tired. I'm trying to switch out the heavy sugar fruits (bananas and apples mostly) I take as snacks. I usually have a small/medium salad at midnight. Not hungry enough for BAS'.

    I'm not sure about energy levels. I think I do have more when I wake up, but as I said, still tired sometimes in the evening.

    I'm finding I don't eat the veggies as much on weekends. Probably because my cooking and sleeping schedule are a little different.

    TMI paragraph: after the first week and a half of losing water weight, I find myself peeing just as frequently as before starting, but much less volume (except mornings), and pooping less, at longer intervals in between.

    I have several exercise options now: PBF, walking (not up to sprinting yet), biking/spinning, barbell weights (really need a bench/squat rack though), and a kettlebell. Swimming is also an option. There is also working in the garden, mowing the lawn, cleaning stuff (lots of bending and kneeling). I might not always be able to do something every day due to other factors, but at least I have a wide range of options.
    I found a nice used olympic weightlifting bench at a used sporting goods store, that could actually have the rack raised high enough for squats. Problem is, I have no room for it, it's kinda huge. Need to figure out a space before it gets sold. Maybe just store it for now?

    Anyway, I think I ought to concentrate some on the strength training aspect. Before I fell off the wagon, I was into triathlons. Just sprints, and doing the standard (as far as I could understand it) endurance athlete diet, with "the abs diet" recipes being my base food source. I think this however, is what lead to the fact that I have very little upper body strength now. Even the 45# olympic bar while lifting weights tires my arms, much less adding weights to it.

    Pricing several stores and farmers markets, it looks like going all organic simply isn't an option at this time. Most meats are simply going to be regular stuff, not grass fed. Grass fed is going to be like a candy bar for a kid in the great depression...few and far between, unless I can convince my wife otherwise. At least I'll be able to do what I can, with coconut oil, grass fed tallow, and other things that are organic or grass fed. Like the case of organic blueberries that were on a 1 day sale.

    I'll probably never be able to make lamb a staple, its so expensive around here, even after pricing several sources. I doubt if my lawn would support a single lamb, much less trying to explain it to the city....

    I have rediscovered that fried pork just doesn't keep well, as far as taste goes. Even same day fried pork can be iffy sometimes. OTOH, smoked and grilled pork gets and retains flavor, even after freezing.

    I've ordered a new dehydrator (old one died), and am considering a deep fryer to use the tallow in.

    I've got a couple of books with hundreds of paleo/primal recipes, many that sound good/interesting, so I think there's quite a variety to look forward to.
    My wife is on WW, but I think she'll like some of these recipes too. She's certainly willing to eat the meat I cook (within her WW weighting restrictions).

    But bottom line, I'll be sticking with this lifestyle...eating more meat, especially bacon, appeals to me.

    For the TL;DR's been 3 weeks since I started, and I like it

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    I'd concentrate on food over equipment. If you're not able to afford grass-fed, then perhaps buying dehydrators and deep friers aren't the best of ideas. By the way, that's one of those pieces of advice that is 'do as I say, not as I do' - I've totally skimped on buying meat to get new cooking equipment that I don't need before.

    Regarding meat, be cautious about bacon if you're getting the regular stuff. And tasty as it is, bacon is not the best nutritional bang for your buck.