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    I'm a little bit nervous about my upcoming vacation...because I will be out of town for a month. When I go out of town for the weekend, I always intend to eat really healthy and then end up eating whatever I want all day every day. It sucks because I always think this time will be different, I'll be able to have some self control, and it NEVER works out that way. It seems that every time I am out of my routine here at home, I don't know how to function.

    Going out of town for an entire month is so scary for me!

    Does anybody have any advice for staying on track when on vacation? I should mention that I do not need to lose anymore weight (5'4'', 118 lbs), but I am trying to get leaner and stronger. I know on vacation I should let myself live a little, but I can never just live a LITTLE, only a LOT!

    Thanks in advance

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    steak and eggs, skip the toast/bagel, hamburger sans bun, salad minus conventional dressing, steaks, skip the roll, more salads, etc.

    It may not be grass fed meat, but it won't be that bad if you put some though into it.

    Also, if you are staying at motels, some have small gyms, or you can go for walks in the neighborhood if it's safe, or do primal exercises in your room.


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      I have a rule (even on vacation) that I never eat two non-primal meals in a row. So, if I go out and have nachos and beer for dinner, I just enjoy it and make 100% sure that my next meal is primal. I always bring fruit, nuts, and canned smoked fish and oysters with me so I have an emergency snack if I need it.

      Will you have a refrigerator? A place to cook? If so, try to stock up a bit and have good food around. And don't fret about being perfect. Just don't let yourself spiral out of control by saying "oh well, I ate a donut this morning, I might as well have fast food for lunch"!
      Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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        Thanks! I will have access to a gym, so that's helpful. I think the hardest part will be eating at other people's houses- it's easy at a restaurant to modify the crap out of your order but I always feel so rude when it's at someone's house.

        I think part of the problem is that I am very rigid about what I eat at home- definitely too much so. But it eases my anxiety to control every bite of food I eat. Not healthy, I know. So anyway, when I go on vacation, my routine is broken and I can't control everything all the time so I usually spiral out of control.


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          Jammies- thanks! Keeping primal snacks with me is a great idea so if I get stuck in a situation with no good options, I won't succumb to the unhealthy food around me!


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            This is my very problem. When I'm at home, I have no problem to keep a strict primal routine, no cheating at all. Right now I'm on a one week vacation and I feel so lost. I have a lot of primal stuff with me but in my brain there's a constant fight going on. The thing is I do not really like going on vacation, and the thing I always liked most was the food - before I went primal, I used to give myself 'carte blanche' on vacations and so I ate anything I liked whenever I liked to. You know, lots of pizza and easy food, things I don't eat when I'm at home. Now, I KNOW that's insane. I Don't want to feel the same way I did before, so I don't want to eat anything unhealthy. But i find myself eating a lot of chocolat and a lot of nuts.

            I thinks it's the same for humans as for dogs. When you train a dog to do a new trick, and he can do the trick inside your house, you might have to teach him the same trick again outside the house, or with a lot of people around him. Different situation needs other skills.

            I can do this primal 'trick' inside my house, in my job and with family, but now I have to learn it when I'm somewhere else. (I found this thread because I typed 'Help vacation Marksdailyapple' to find some mental help!)


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              I found restaurants wont mind if you ask for no bread, just eggs and meat for breakfast and lunch and the same with asking for just meat and vegetables for dinner. The non primal thing can be dessert, but there you also have the option of fruit.


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                I don't know if this will be helpful but when I went on my cruise, it was kind of like this... eggs and bacon for breakfast along with some fruits or veggies. Lunch tended to be a huge salad with diced chicken, or maybe a stew. Dinner was where I was bad... at dinner I would let myself get the desserts. I still said no to the bread and tried to stick with main dishes that screamed meat to me. I gained 3 lbs, not bad for a week long cruise.
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