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    Hey all,

    I just lost a baby at 23 weeks pregnant (three weeks ago). Day by day, I am overcoming my grief, and I have more happy moments than sad these days. We are desperate (well, at least I am) to have another baby, but I want to lose this baby weight and get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight/size before I get pregnant again. I have a lot of baby fat to lose (13 pounds, to be exact) and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to do this. With my first born, I lost all that weight and then some because I was nursing. I obviously don't have that luxury this time around, and I am really mentally struggling with this added padding. I guess what I am looking for is support from others who may have dealt with this. I was only given the ok to start exercising again last week, and I've not been able to do much. I know that I need to be kind to myself because of my loss, but for me, mentally, the kindest thing I can do is get back in to shape. Thanks.

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    My condolences for your loss!

    I have some nutrition posts on my blog that may be helpful as you recover. See the link below in my signature.

    Your hormones will take some time to shift, so do be patient with yourself. Get your D3 level tested and sun/supplement to 50-60 ng/ml to help with hormone balance and fat loss. Magnesium before bed to help with sleep.

    Gentle walks for 1-2 hours a day, crying to release cortisol, some resistance training 1-2 times a week to increase your muscle mass. Check out the free PB fitness PDF on the blog.
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      ^I agree with all of this.

      Please go easy on yourself. It's okay to grieve.
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        1st, miscarriage is a terrible (and socially underrated) tragedy, grieve as you need to.
        2nd, 13 lbs is not that much, so please don't agonize over it.
        3rd, go on walks in nice areas as long as possible every day.
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          I'm also sorry for your loss. All losses of babies are really hard, but i find that the further along in pregnancy you are, it's a much harder loss.

          For the rest of it, I agree with the others. 13 lbs isn't much to lose, either, so don't worry overmuch about it. As Dragonfly says, it'll take a bit for your hormones to shift, and that will be the hardest part about the weight loss, really.

          Nourish and take good care of yourself, ok?


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            Thanks everyone. It's nice to have some encouragement. After re-reading PB Fitness (it's been a looooong time), I've just decided that mastering the 4 essential movements should be the extent of my training for the time being. I'll throw in some runs now and then just because running is my emotional release. I really appreciate your kindness; I promise to be kind to myself as well.