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Times to "un-Grok".

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  • Times to "un-Grok".

    In general, Grok is a beautiful analogy. We are all Grok, we are all cave-people and our bodies were designed with Grok in mind. Yet, sometimes, we can take the analogy too far and start heading into the dark territory of "recreation". We get too caught up worrying about WWGD? and don't pay enough attention to our own bodies, when we should be striving for an optimal diet for US, not a prescription. So, here are some times when we may need to "un-Grok" our thoughts:

    1.- When calorie-counting, fat-measuring, carb-restricting...etc. When you're playing with your macros, it's best to remind yourself that Grok had no such luxury. Trying to perfectly imitate the diet of a "Northern Grok" or a "Desert Grok" is a poor choice as, well... they didn't HAVE that choice. Your macros should be adjusted according to YOU.

    2.- When failing to calorie-count, fat-measure, carb-restrict...etc It's also necessary to remember that Grok rarely enjoyed the abundance we do. Whilst it IS best to let your body dictate what you need, some people don't have particularly fine-tuned "stop buttons". This isn't a flaw, this is because Grok WOULD experience shortages that we don't and WOULD have benefited from occasional overeating. Sometimes you have to look at where you are, re-assess and (heaven forbid!) measure and/or restrict.

    3.- When eating conventional foods. Most of us know them to not be as good as wild, natural foods, but it's important to know to what extent. When eating apples, for example, it's best to bear in mind that they're quite a bit carbier than they used to be. Where Grok may have eaten 5 small, sour crab-apples, we can eat one large, juicy braeburn for the same carbs. Same goes for most foods. Another example is coffee, which Grok wouldn't have known, let alone indulged so frequently as we do. DO however refer back to 1: just because Grok didn't have access to certain foods doesn't mean they aren't optimal. Work with your body as well as nature.

    4.- When rejecting or consuming "toxins". Grok would have consumed some amount of random toxins in his days. Accidental ingestion of slightly poisonous berries, not-so-accidental ingestion of fermented fruit, introduction of parasites and pathogens via dirty food... Our toxins are different (excess grains, certain seeds, additives...), but, ultimately, just because Grok's poisons were different doesn't mean the body can't take a bit of a poisoning once in a while.

    5.- When spending time inactive. Yes, as a lazy hunter Grok probably would have rested a lot of the day. But his rest is not our rest. He would have rested actively: walking, playing, carving tools. We rest inactively, generally just sitting. It's better to make a conscious effort to fidget than to give in to your "Primal desire" to sit still on your ass all day. Sure, Grok may have WANTED to. It just so happens that he generally couldn't. As we can, we must make an effort to not want to.

    6.- When exercising. We are often in a physical state that Grok wouldn't have even known. So, whilst it isn't natural to engage in chronic cardio or sit on an elliptical for a few hours, in some cases it could help get someone into "Grok territory". Once you're there, it's best to run with what the human body was actually designed to do (move a lot at a slow pace, lift heavy things, sprint and play), but some people may need to "un-Grok" to get out of their oh-so-Western bodies first.

    7.- When fasting. Yes, Grok would have fasted. He had no choice. However, as Stefani Ruper showed us (Paleo for Women | Shattering the Myth of Fasting for Women: A Review of Female-Specific Responses to Fasting in the Literature), fasting may not be optimal for all. As mentioned in the article, extensive fasts could do more harm than good to most women. By all means, fast if it comes naturally. But don't force yourself to "because Grok did". Grok had no choice over being hungry. If you feel like shit when fasting, it may be too long a-fast, or it may be the wrong time to fast, or it may not be for you.

    8.- When using medication. Some medications are unnecessary cover-ups for symptoms that the pharmaceutical industries just WANT us to buy. Some are life-protecting godsends that we NEED to use. Some are just useful edge-removers that we BENEFIT from. Not all medication is evil and not all illness is cause for concern. If you're getting ill 10 times a Winter, your immune system may be weak. If you get a single flu, there is no reason to fret about whether or not Grok would have got it. Grok didn't have the same exposure to viruses that we have today. He didn't suffer our stress, our noise-pollution, our insomnia... Thus, he didn't suffer OUR illness. If you get ill, you may benefit from medication. You may not, but it's best to be open to both options. As far as true injuries and infections go: the Drs are the way forward. Grok would have most likely had little he could do with an infected corn or a broken arm. WWGD in this situation? Probably die. Just suck it up, wear your cast, take your antibiotics and recover as swiftly as possible.

    Any more ideas as to when to "un-Grok" or comments about times you've "un-Grokked"?
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    Thank you for this!


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      Nice post, Kochin. A good reminder that just the fact that we communicate on this here computer contraption is proof enough that "we ain't Grok."

      For me, when my sleeping gets disrupted enough that I'm feeling like the walking dead, I use an anti-anxiety drug to get me to sleep at around 10 or 11pm. Once I'm back to getting regular sleep at a fairly normal time, I stop taking them. It's a crutch to be sure, but being alert beats the crap out of being a zombie.

      Also, when I need to go somewhere that's 20+ miles I use a car rather than packing up all my valuables and taking a couple of days to walk the trip.
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      Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.


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        I found out the other day that, while going barefoot may be healthy and "in the footsteps of Grok", there is a little problem with that in the modern world. Hot pavement. I found out about this when the toe piece on my sandal blew out while walking around an urban area. Yikes. I think I'll stick with the shoes. Grok also had better calluses than I do.


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          Grok, or rather, Grokette didn't wear makeup or perfume. You will need to pry my MAC Russian Red from my cold, dead hands. And my iPod. Don't touch my freaking iPod.
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            Great post.

            I am one of the few people (it seems) that feels that while Grok-like foods are great for us to eat, Grok's eating style doesn't mean a damn to me. I eat when I need to and in accordance to my activity level, which has nothing to do with anybody else's. I don't think there's any real indications that Grok was in such great health with his access to food (times of plenty and times of want). He was probably generally more robust than most people are now and could deal with the stress. I don't feel the need to stress my body in that way, so I eat to maintain every day. I personally feel that is the best way to optimize the survivability of future generations. There is enough stress outside of food in our everyday lives.
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              Not to mention my Essie nail polish (my new obsession as of a week or so ago).

              Grokette wished her nails looked like this, short and purty!