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Eggs & Cheese - why are they affecting my teeth & mouth today???

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  • Eggs & Cheese - why are they affecting my teeth & mouth today???


    The weirdest thing is going on today and I just can't work it out - after eating a boiled egg my teeth and mouth feel all strange like they have a coating on/slightly furry (I know, gross huh?!) but upon inspection there isn't anything visable. I thought it was just that particular egg so tried another one but same as before. I am also eating cheese for the first time in several weeks and that too is creating this odd sensation. I just don't get it - I've eaten eggs regularly, mostly boiled and never had this, what's going on? Both products are free range/organic and I buy the same brand every week. It passes within a few minutes but it's freaking me out! The cream in my coffee didn't have this effect but things taste a bit odd. Has anyone else had this?

    I'd also like to say that I have been IFing and not eaten much over the last couple of days but I wouldn't have thought I'd experience anything like this.

    Any ideas??
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