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Seasonal Variation of Sleep Duration

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  • Seasonal Variation of Sleep Duration

    Just wondering if it's natural to average less than the 7-9 hrs of sleep during the late spring/summer? I'm finding it hard to impossible with the extended light, chirping early morning birds, and pets that want to start the day earlier than at other times of the year.

    Should I be worried, or is this part of the natural rhythm to which our bodies evolved?

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    Don't have any hard science to back me up as to the sleep-evolution thing, but I have the same experience. Unless I do something dumb like pull an all-nighter during the summer, or have my kids starve me of sleep due to kiddie sicknesses for a few days, but those are exceptional circumstances. Then at some point I need to make it up, and do, at the first opportunity. Then it is naturally back to the regular rhythm.

    Unless you have gone from 7-9 hours to, say 3 hours - I would consider that extreme and worthy of perhaps some digging - somewhat shorter nights are okay. Are you still rested and otherwise good for the day??
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      I wouldn't worry about it-- I think it is pretty natural. I can easily sleep 8-9 hours in the winter; in the summer it is hard to sleep more than 7 hours, especially on sunny mornings.


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        I'm experiencing this, too. I've never lived so far north!

        I used to be in bed at 10, but now it's not even completely dark until after 11. Then when the sun starts shining around the edges of my curtains I check my phone and it's 5:30... "Nope, that won't work." Back to bed til 7:30.

        I have a very precise internal alarm, but it changes itself throughout the year.


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          sleep cycles change depending on external cues such as daylight, its part of the circadian rhythm set and we evolved to be this way. If we hadn't we'd be well out of touch with daylight over a couple of years. Daylight savings can make a problem for some people; an hours change can affect sensitive people.
          Don't worry, it straightens out and the average length of sleep is just that- average. I'm a five hour summer sleeper and 6-7 in the winter but I always wake up earlier when the suns shining bright whatever the season, better hunting i guess!
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