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    Originally posted by Jefferson1775 View Post
    I'm actually thinking about trying something like the WILD method. I need to do some more research on the specifics, though (what time to wake up, how long to stay awake, how to go back to sleep, etc).
    Yep WILD can get WILD

    It often ends in failure and has more chance of success after a few REM cycles (about 4.5 hours or 6 hours after going to bed at night). Still for most people it's quite an effort at 4:30am (including getting up at that time and the WILD 'entry' concentration effort) and chance of failing is high. Often people will do this on weekends as it can make you feel sleep derived if you have to get up for school or work. If at times you do it naturally without effort then that's great.

    There are smartphone apps that can help, a simple one is 'sleep cycle' alarm (not actually designed for Lucid dreaming - though some apps are). This movement based alarm that sounds near the set time when you naturally move/wake from REM - set it to go off about 4.5 or 6 hours after going to bed.

    Warning: WILD entry phase (conscious sleep paralysis) for many people can be the most fearful and extremely unpleasant experience they will ever experience in their life (it depends on the person, their imagination, their life experiences, mental/physical condition, belief systems etc). Sleep Paralysis a natural thing and we do it multiple times every night but we normally do in a unconscious state (so it's not scary and of course not noticeable at all). It can be scary stuff (when conscious), though reportedly not life threatening (though it can feel/look/sound like it is )

    Some people get through it relatively easily (some even say it's pleasant) but most people are scared to some degree even when are used to it.

    If you make it past there - the dream state you enter can be fantastic.


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      I tried that, "pay attention to written things" idea in a dream last night, and saw 2 words written (it's bothering me that I can't remember them), and I thought, in-dream, "Oh I have to check back!" but woke up from that thought. Will try more.

      Im really not interested in any of this corny, "Im gonna fly!" shit though. I think I'd be more interested in seeing people that I love die or seeing things I care about crumble. Maybe also play with like altering my physical body to ludicrous proportions and then seeing if it affects tissue.
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      Jack london, "Before Adam"


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        I've been trying to lucid dream for the last couple of months. Not much luck so far.

        I've been taking galantamine (which seems to do nothing except make me hyper), writing down anything I remember from a dream (which is usually nothing), doing reality checks, and just thinking about lucid dreaming.

        But I did have one interesting dream. I was reading a sign, and it was upside down. I realized that this was weird, so I looked away and looked back. Still upside down. I was hoping it would flip, but anyway, I knew something was wrong. At this point, everyone became very angry at me and began closing in. I wondered if I was dreaming, but then I realized I was awake, because I could feel my head on the pillow. So I opened my eyes.

        I still don't get the feeling that my dreams are anything more than daydreams while I happen to be asleep.
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          I don't know how to incite lucid dreaming. For me lucid dreams just happen occasionally. The wost part is waking up and making the effort to fall back asleep in order to manipulate the outcome, or to "see" what occurs next. All in vain, of course


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            Just eat a LOT of cheese before bed. Easy peasy.
            Crohn's, doing SCD


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              Try kava-kava. What is kava-kava? ... it is the root of a plant that grows on pacific islands, and it has medicinal uses to produce calmness of mind. It also produces very vivid dreams, if you take some before going to bed. And I mean "very vivid" in the sense of colorful, memorable, almost tangible ... yet you sleep well and you wake up nicely rested.

              And yes, kava-kava can give you lucid dreams on a fairly regular basis -- i.e., try it for a month, daily, before going to bed, and you're almost certain to have a lucid dream, or two, or three.

              Kava-kava is sold as a supplement at many health food stores, or look on Amazon for it. Oh, and it's banned in Canada -- which may make you cautious, or convince you that it's something damn good.

              Sweet dreams ...
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