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    Originally posted by MEversbergII View Post
    4) I practice historical European martial arts.
    7) I am a sometimes GURPS game master.
    Care to expand on those two? I got a Rifts game every Friday.
    The above should be viewed as complete and utter nonsense.


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      Originally posted by aliphian View Post
      Care to expand on those two? I got a Rifts game every Friday.
      Sure, shoot me a PM and I'll explain everything.

      Originally posted by Lynna View Post
      6) I'm lazy when it comes to doing things around the house, but I'm a dynamo at work. My house is a dump and my desk at work is neat.
      I am the same way. Though, my work desk is a little cluttered right now due to all the lab stuff going on, and my home desk is clean because the better half got frustrated with the mess and fixed it.

      Originally posted by Lynna View Post
      7) I have no friends, except my husband and children, I wish I could find someone to hang out with sometimes.
      If you are ever in St. Mary's, Maryland shoot me a line and we'll do coffee. Could even bring the twins; the SO loves kids.



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        1. I like to be different… so I’ve never pieced or tattooed any part of me, including my ears.
        2. I’ve never had a sip of alcohol, smoked any substance, or done any drugs. Like I said, I’m weird.
        3. I’ve never been to Disneyland.
        4. I read too much fantasy as a kid, and so really wish I lived in a different time.
        5. We have no cellphones. We’re FREE!
        6. My mom’s family (cousins, second cousins, etc.) all lives on one hill in Oregon, growing Christmas trees…
        7. My life has never been “exciting”… and I like it that way! My husband lived enough excitement for both of us.
        8. As a kid, I had dogs that thought they were cats. Now I have a cat that thinks she’s a dog.
        9. Purple. I’ve always loved purple.
        10. I started graying at 18. Everyone in my family does. Guess it’s a dominate trait…

        Originally posted by Knifegill View Post
        I test HIGH on the asperger's screening quizzes, and my wife is even more aspie than me! Our child may well be non-verbal.
        I beg to differ! You test far higher than me. As for the grockling in my womb, we'll soon find out!


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          Originally posted by MEversbergII View Post

          If you are ever in St. Mary's, Maryland shoot me a line and we'll do coffee. Could even bring the twins; the SO loves kids.

          I'll consider it, although my twins are now in their thirties with children of their own.


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            1. I'm a Canadian living in Texas
            2. I love animals, all animals, even the snakes and lizards that freak me out.
            3. Giving birth to my son was the best thing I have ever done.
            4. Love my dog almost as much as my son and husband. Can't see ever being with out one.
            5. It took me more than 40 years to get my first dog.
            6. I love to read and wish I did it more than I do stuff on this machine.
            7. Love hiking in the mountains (in Alberta not Texas!)
            8. I do stained glass as a hobby.
            9. Scuba dove on the great barrier reef in the 80's. Scared to see it now.
            10. Want to go to Tibet someday but also scared of what I will find.


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              1. I do not tolerate stupidity or meanness
              2. I lived 35 years by the sea
              3. I have more degrees than my office wall can fit
              4. It is almost a year since my dog died, and I still miss him
              5. I love my job
              6. There are no unread books in my house
              7. I own thousands of books
              8. I love being alone
              9. I love the sea
              10. If you want me to hate you just try to touch my coffee or my food

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                This is one of the best threads I've ever seen.

                1. I have a husband and a boyfriend.
                2. My oldest kid is going to away to college in the fall and it is making me crazy, even though I'm very happy for her.
                3. I dismantled and brought home a tree stand today. It was left in the woods near the trail, and hunting season is over, so it's mine now.
                4. I used to work in biotech research for a subsidiary of Monsanto, but I have been a stay-at-home mother since 1994.
                5. My mother and aunt both died in 2005, of cancer and Lou Gehrig's disease, respectively.
                6. I want a full-time job and a divorce by the end of the year.
                7. I always have to have food with me in case I get hungry to avoid going to a fast food drive-thru.
                8. I love my minivan.
                9. I hate the "culture" in Florida, but the weather is awesome.
                10. I taught myself how to type this year.
                As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again.


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                  1. I'm currently in Texas for a business trip and I'm totally bored (can't leave the office for another 15 minutes).
                  2. I hate my job.
                  3. I have 2 younger sisters.
                  4. I really don't enjoy traveling. At all.
                  5. I love to decorate.
                  6. I hope to be decorating homes professionally as a job within the next year.
                  7. My husband and I started growing some of our own food this year.
                  8. All of my husband's friends have kids and none of mine do. It leaves me very confused.
                  9. I am going to buy wine at CVS as soon as I leave the office.
                  10. Math and art were my best subjects in school, yet a strengths finder test I just did says my greatest strength is communication.


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                    --Reports about me and 17 naked women dancing on the water tower are not true... There were only eight of us.
                    --High school was the worst six years of my life.
                    --But I graduated from college in three years, summa cum laude.
                    --The last fight I was in got started because I told an obese guy I didn't fight anyone pregnant.
                    --I've been a member of Mensa for decades.
                    --I was born with an extraordinary memory but misspell in every language I know.
                    --I never forget a voice.
                    --The good news is my family came over on the Mayflower. The bad news is we did the rowing.
                    --I'm also descended from a witch hanged at Salem.
                    --And my mother was such a horrible cook I learned to cook out of self-defense.


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                      Such great posts, all around!

                      1) I was named after the Bionic Woman, but the more common spelling.
                      2) I am descended from Captain William Kidd and, come apocalyptic end of days, will carry on his legacy of piracy
                      3) I have a photographic memory and have a knack for spelling and recalling numbers.
                      4) That said, I likely couldn't call most of my friends and family without the stored contact info in my phone.
                      5) Also, I barely passed grade 12 math but now crunch numbers for a living.
                      6) I don't have a degree and sometimes feel inadequate because of it. I don't know what I want to do when I grow up.
                      7) I love baking and feel like a hypocrite for bringing my latest cupcake creations to get togethers with friends.
                      8) I long to fly. Not in an airplane - my mister is a private pilot and we're very involved in aviation...I've taken ground school and a few lessons but it doesn't excite me. I'm talking like squirrel-suit, jet-pack flying. For now, I'll settle for road flying on my motorcycle.
                      9) I lovelovelove to drive and will always be listening to music, seat dancing and singing my face off (poorly) while on the road.
                      10) I was born and raised on the bald-ass Alberta prairie, but feel so at home in the water and swim like a fish.


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                        I've been around here a long time and I post too darn much. (Some of you already know too much, so I guess I'll have to kill you.)

                        1) I am an only child but not a spoiled brat (IMO).

                        2) My Family has a pet Nubian goat named Sonic (after the hedgehog).

                        3) I spent my junior year of High School in Izmir, Turkey.

                        4) I almost died in a terrorist bombing at age 16 while in Turkey.

                        5) I am a pretty darn good amateur Genealogist

                        6) I am related to Eli Whitney; not sure if I should be proud of that or not.

                        7) I am certified to teach Spanish and Social Studies. One year I taught a Global Studies course in both Spanish and English.

                        8) I still love the Bay City Rollers.

                        9) Since the Primal Blueprint gave me my life back, I have taken up belly dancing, have performed in three musicals and have sung with an all teacher rock band at my HS.

                        10) I loved the rock band experience above so much that I intend to either join a band or form one of my own ASAP.
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                          1. Easy one first- I have two dogs, a boston terrier and a havanese. Love em both to death, even though they drive me nuts.
                          2. First job was as a pink Power Ranger at children's birthday parties.
                          3. Even though I am right-handed, I can only play "Guitar Hero" on lefty mode.
                          4. I have a cardboard movie theater style standee of Dr Lecter from "Silence of the Lambs"
                          5. I sometimes decorate Dr. Lecter for Christmas by putting a Santa hat on him and lights on the cardboard prison bars he stands behind. It is very festive.
                          6. I have a BA in Economics, solely because it had the fewest number of required classes to graduate. Poor life decisions FTW!
                          7. I'm utterly devastated that Kellogg's just lost the class action lawsuit regarding their claims about Frosted Mini Wheats improving cognitive function and memory. Next they'll be telling us Pop Tarts aren't part of a healthy balanced breakfast.
                          8. I'm easily distracted.
                          9. I've never done any drugs, including pot. That in and of itself isn't very interesting, until I mention I dated a pot dealer for about 9 months. He was easily his own best customer. Not the only thing he was addicted to, either. Oy.
                          10. I worked seasonally at See's Candies about 10 years ago, and I would eat handfuls of candy every day for lunch. You could say I have a slight sweet tooth problem.


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                            1. I grew up in the 80s and believe it was the greatest decade of human existence. I'm obsessed with the pop culture, especially the music.

                            2. My childhood home had carpeted walls; the house was not purchased with that feature!

                            3. I failed eighth grade twice and was only promoted to ninth because the law doesn't allow a student to be failed three consecutive times. I failed the ninth grade, then officially quit the second time. My failures weren't due to incompetence but due to noncompliance and absenteeism.

                            4. I love scents that others find repulsive: gasoline, diesel fumes, musty basements, asphalt, automotive garages, and rubber.

                            5. Due to my love of rubber, I deliberately stroll through the automotive department in stores that carry tires just so I can sniff the tires.

                            6. I bite my nails.

                            7. I have never had a "real" job.

                            8. My parents owned an old fashioned cider mill for decades, as well as an ice cream stand and commercial greenhouses. I've done web development and Internet marketing for close to 15 years now, but hope to one day open businesses similar to what I grew up with.

                            9. Our cats and dog all have nicknames and their own theme songs.

                            10. We have a gorgeous view of the Hudson River from our house.
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                              Originally posted by j3nn View Post
                              4. I love scents that others find repulsive: gasoline, diesel fumes, musty basements, asphalt, automotive garages, and rubber.

                              5. Due to my love of rubber, I deliberately stroll through the automotive department in stores that carry tires just so I can sniff the tires.
                              I know this is going to sound a little odd... but have you ever smelled the perfume Bulgari Black?
                              It's one of my favorites... though it's considered a "man" perfume. Whatever that's supposed to mean.

                              It smells of burnt rubber, dirty leather, and woody vanilla. And it's gorgeous.
                              You might just like it. A little tire smell with you all the time.
                              And it's not expensive either.

                              I like weird smells too... I guess.
                              “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”
                              ~Friedrich Nietzsche
                              And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.


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                                I also love the smells of gasoline and rubber. I like walking along the freeway for that reason.
                                Crohn's, doing SCD