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really odd pro-carb article in Harpers.

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  • really odd pro-carb article in Harpers.

    wtf?? talk about dodgy research. Someone paid her to write this drivel?

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    I love the bit about "if you've seen gaga lately, the pastas obviously working"

    Im no detective, but maybe its her very own personal trainers that are working for her......? not the pasta. This article is sad, and looks like someone was late for their deadline and decided to write about their own personal preferences. And, a big glass of skim milk before a 6am workout? barf.


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      I loved this comment (I did not write it!):
      Posted 22-April-2010 00:17 by Incredulous
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      Where does Susie Burrell get her information? Wikepaedia???? When did vegetables stop providing carbohydrates? And protein shakes full of sugar. Aren't they carbs? And WHO have never been wrong about their 'recommendations' in the past have they? Noooo!! Give me a break. Let's all keep following a 'low-fat' diet and wonder why we're the most obese we've ever been. Full of sugar!!! Unbelievable. These apparent nutritionists should be shot!!


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        yea, and the protein bar at the beginning of the article....can you say wheat product? jeez