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Why does certain parts of my body POP? I'll explain....

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  • Why does certain parts of my body POP? I'll explain....

    I will be seeing a doctor on this but after my insurance kicks in. I start a new job tomorrow and probably will be waiting 3 months for insurance to kick in. But what kind of doctor should I go to? Not really sure. In the meantime thought I would ask here.

    This happens pretty much everyday. Not always but sometimes. I get up and my knees pop. On my right foot I can feel tension and I know it needs to be popped. So I turn it anyway I can and it pops. It's rarely on my left foot.

    This one is the most annoying. When I do hanging leg raises or vertical knee raises. After my legs come down doing hanging leg raises my lower back pops. It happens every time.

    These pops are not painful at all. Just really annoying and distracting when I workout. How can I get rid of these pops once and for all?

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    You can't. They will always pop. As far as I know. Mine do the same thing. I pull my knees toward each other and/or twist a little and they both pop in turn, and my lower back always pops, if I hang my weight on it or do dips, etc. Then again, I'm just a poppy person, I've even popped joints that aren't really joints, like the fusion between metacarpals by wiggling my hand bones. I've popped every joint in my body at least once, except for my pinky toes, they appear to be fused in their deformity.

    But if they are popping every rep, your joint or joints may be hypermobile and you will want to work to fix that to avoid wear and tear outside the normal ROM. This is the reason I gave up sit-ups permanently in my teens. The reps always popped, it added up to burning pain and damage, so I just refused to do them. Gym teacher actually understood.

    So, are these the "pop once and done" type, or more the "constant pop every rep" type?
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      Yep, it's nothing to be worried about, most likely. Mine have popped my entire life and my legs and joints are still functioning just fine.
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        A chiropractor or probably physical therapist could tell you more about it. Sometimes it's tendons and there's nothing you can do about that. It can improve with exercise in some areas (or chiropractic adjustment for me and my fiancé), but in others, you will just have to live with it. My knee pops almost consistently and has since I was pretty young. It's just a build-up of fluid or something like that.
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          Okay thanks everyone for the feedback. I'm glad I wasn't the only and it's good to hear about people not having any issues with it. I may have to look into a Chiropractor soon. Hey it's worth a shot.


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            I understand it has to do not with fluid buildup in the joints but with gas buildup of some sort.


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              I get these same pops when I do pistol squats, but not when I do regular squats. Usually, I can't finish the rep if my knee pops, and I have to rebalance, stand, and pop my knees exactly as Knifegill does. Then, it's fine.

              Are you doing these activities cold? I pop most when I haven't really given my joints a chance to move


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                My sixth grade science teacher demonstrated by bending her knees for us to hear the pop. She explained that it's just trapped air being released. My husband's pop often, mine pop now and then. We joke about him being crackly.
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                  My breastbone pops all day and through the night after I do high pulls or power cleans. My arms pop on bench presses. My knees will pop a few times on squats then it stops. My middle back pops when I do scorpion stretches or use my ma-roller back roller thing. My thumb pops really badly now and then for no reason.
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