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Newbie question about coconut oil

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  • Newbie question about coconut oil

    Hi all. I hope this isn't a silly question... I noticed a lot of people talking about moisturizing with coconut oil. Question: Where's the best place to get it? Is it the same as the coconut oil you would use in cooking? Also, if I get too much and don't use it up, will it go bad?

    Thanks for any input.

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    One and the same. I prefer unrefined because it smells like coconut oil. Refined doesn't (which lots of people prefer) You can get it at any health food store or online - Amazon has it. Trust me, you will use it before it goes rancid; it has a shelf life of about 5 years. I'm in New York and it's easiest to find Spectrum organic.


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      I keep a smallish tin in the bathroom to use on my skin. When I buy a new jar of CO, I just scoop a little out and refill the tin. I also vote for the unrefined. The BF says the coconut scent is hot :-D
      If you have a Whole Foods in your area, their 365 brand is my absolute favorite for taste and scent.


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        It is amazing stuff...I always have some on hand to make soap but I use it in my lip balms, lotion bars, natural deodorant, etc. I cooked in it once but did not care for it <hides>


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          Yes, I love coconut oil to death as a moisturizer - its the only thing I use! I buy mine from Nutiva. They carry raw, organic coconut oil.
          Find me at Cheers!


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            Thanks all! kuno1chi, I like the idea about a small tin, I'll keep that in mind.

            (woohoo shopping triiiiiiip!)