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The Book 'Food Politics' By Marion Nestle

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  • The Book 'Food Politics' By Marion Nestle

    I was at the library yesterday, and I saw this book on the shelf not know anything about it. I thought it sounded interesting so I decided to check it out. The back is fairly innoculus that I would see what it was all about.

    Well after only getting through one chapter it is so chock full CW bull, that just after finishing GCBC, is completely one sided. One line of hers that is crazy is "By the late 1970's, scientists were in substantial (if not perfect) agreement that similar dietary changes could prevent the two most important causes of death in the United States-coronary heart disease and cancer." She is speaking in regards of saturated fats, and cholesterol. I know from GCBC the stance of perfect agreement is simply not true.

    Part of me would like to keep an open mind and finish the book but that was just one example of multiple in the first chapter that is completely one sided. Has anyone read this book? Is it worth my time being open minded and continuing it? Or should I abandon it and reread GCBC because my copy that I ordered after reading it once from the library? Or any other book I have sitting around waiting for me to read. Thanks!

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    This is the 80's bad science I followed; eat your sugar spiking grains; fruits; oh; but eat less; even though the gliadin is addicting you to consume more. I was a mountain biker; and this diet gave me type 2 diabetes. She pushes the eat less ; move more simplistic concept; that takes no account of insulin metabolism; satiety hormones; or blood sugar. I'd chuck the book.