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  • Is this normal?

    I started the PB/paleo diet a couple of months ago and was on it very strictly for about three weeks. During those three weeks I felt awful. Not lethargic, but almost felt like I had a hangover. Is this normal?

    I was eating a good variety of primal foods... salads, nuts, meats, and fruit. Only coconut oil, olive oils, and butters were used.

    I have since went back to my "normal" diet of low gluten and everything bad, but feel better. What is up?

    Has anybody else experienced this?

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    Yep. Do a search here for "Low Carb Flu". Takes a while for some people to power through to the other side, but it is worth it in my opinion.


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      haha there was like a week or two last year when I was just an asshole to everyone at work, and told them to forgive me, that I had carb depression.
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        Originally posted by manitou1 View Post
        I have since went back to my "normal" diet of low gluten and everything bad, but feel better. What is up?
        More glucose for your brain?
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          If going low carb makes you feel that poorly, don't go low carb. You can be primal and eat carbohydrates! You may not be intolerant or sensitive to gluten, however. I wonder why you were trying out this way of eating.
          Depression Lies


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            Yes... I am sensitive to gluten. I try to minimize gluten intake on either diet.
            I'll look up the 'Low Carb Flu" . Thanks guys.