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Anyone use My Fitness Pal app?

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  • Anyone use My Fitness Pal app?

    I started using this properly last week in an attempt to get a more real picture of what and how much I eat. I don't want to be a long-term calorie counter but I'm after losing a little body fat (for vanity reasons only....) and also since I sometimes struggle with mood, energy, the odd light headed spell I wanted to have a look at the macros.

    Last week it said my total iron was 27%, and calcium was 32%. I don't want to get TOO hung up on the numbers but at the same time I thought my diet was pretty good, lots of red meat, greens, Greek yoghurt a few times a week.
    Am I misunderstanding the readings or am I really potentially that low on minerals? It's looking to go the same this week. Is is just a potential issue with primal eating that we need to work extra hard to get everything because we exclude fortified cereals, breads etc and a lot of dairy?

    A typical day's eating at the mo looks like this -

    Breakfast - half a frittata (100g minced beef, peppers, 1.5 eggs per portion) OR 200g Greek yoghurt plus a Nakd bar if I'm stuck for prep time, plus a banana and/or 1/2 cup fresh coconut if still hungry
    Lunch - mixed salad with pork/chicken, piece of fruit
    Dinner - meat/fish, mixed veg, cooked with butter/olive oil/coconut oil. If I have dessert it's either dark choc, berries and cream or Greek yoghurt with a bit of fruit

    Thanks for any insights!

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    My experience of MFP is that not all the foods listed have their vitamins and minerals listed in full - it's useful for counting cals and macros (I found it really helpful when I started and was learning how much food I needed to eat to get enough protein), but it's incomplete re micronutrients.

    You absolutely do not suffer from excluding cornflakes:
    Paleo vs. Standard American Diet
    Kids, Paleo and Nutrient Density
    Mathieu Lalonde, PhD


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      Oh, good, that's helpful - thanks! I suppose thinking about it, it makes sense that the mineral content might not be listed as this isn't always something included on food labels anyway. I'll just stick with using it for macros and calories then.

      I definitely don't think I'm suffering from exluding cornflakes but I've noted the ongoing discussion about lack of minerals in our soil etc hence why we might be missing out more than we think from consuming plants.


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        Try listing the same days foods in, which is also free. You get different numbers. But it doesn't have a complete list of foods either. I think the ones it does have are more accurate but I may be wrong.
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          Thanks Cryptocode, I'll check paleotrack out!


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            Originally posted by becks83 View Post
            Last week it said my total iron was 27%, and calcium was 32%.
            Those two always come out that way for me eating paleo, calcium never goes over 50%.

            But that app is loaded with nonsensical values from SAD. Almost all values from a healthy diet will be the opposite of what MFP recommends! Annoying.