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Ladies, how do you deal with heels?

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  • Ladies, how do you deal with heels?

    Let me preface this by saying I own one pair of heels and one pair of boots with heels. They both get worn about twice a year, usually to weddings. I have a couple pairs of work shoes with heels that are an inch or two for the rare presentation or interview. I'm 5'5" so I don't need the extra height. I have borderline wide feet and high arches so sneakers or eccos are my day to day (it's be Tevas, but I have to wear closed toe shoes to work).

    I'm going to be a bridesmaid in an outdoor wedding at the end of October. Average high is 69, low 44, mean 58. She wants me to wear neutral color (nude, gray, silver range) heels or flats (I'm the tallest one, so I'll still be taller than her even with flats).

    Problem is that she wants me to wear dressy shoes! I need shoes that can withstand all day outdoors (unlikely), or be cheap enough to throw away after the fact. Can anyone suggest some brands of cheap but not crappy dressy shoes? Dr. Scholls friendly flats look promising but I can't try them on locally (I love the Dr. Scholls Joliet but she doesn't think the grey are dressy enough) and $50 is still kind of pricey for a throw away shoe. Any advice is appreciated. I've tried goodwill but haven't found anything suitable yet since neutral colored shoes get nasty looking quickly.

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    You might be able to get away with these if your feet aren't too wide:

    Footzyfolds - The Rollable, Foldable Shoe

    And not as inexpensive, but Merrell has some that may work:

    Merrell - Search Results
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      Is there a DSW in your area? I have a few pairs of low-heeled (1 to 1.5 inches) dress shoes purchased there. Two pairs are Anne Klein iFlex patent slingbacks (one pale gray, one black), and some are Katie and Kelly. I don't think they were less than $50, but definitely not more than $60. Look around online to see whether there is something suitable:

      I have also occasionally had luck at JC Penney. Could this one work for you? Hush Puppies® Angel II Pumps - jcpenney

      This one is on clearance for $14: Women's Pumps - Shop High Heels, Stilettos & Platform Heels - jcpenney
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        I would suck it up and buy a nice pair of dressy flats. You can still wear them with a cute pair of cropped jeans. A cute pair of flats is a wardrobe staple.

        If you want a throw away shoe, Payless is good for that. But they won't be very comfortable. I'm a big shopper. It's really easy to return the shoes if they don't work out. When you go to Shoes, Clothing, and More | you can put in all your parameters of the shoe you're searching for, including price, heel height, etc. They will have 100's of flats to choose from. Even if you don't buy any, you can get ideas of which brands you are drawn to. I like the brands Born, Priva and Sketchers for cute flats.

        Good luck!


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          I love merrells and was going to buy the evera pure until I realized the grey ones would probably be ruined after a day in the mud. Black might make it, but she doesn't want that.

          This is grey is the shoe that wasn't dressy enough in grey: Dr. Scholl's Women's Joliet Ballet Flat: Shoes
          I already ordered them, so I might just keep them and where them anyway. Then laugh at everyone if it rains and they ruin their expensive heels.


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            Thanks, I will have to try Penny's. If it wasn't outdoor I'd gladly spend $100 or so on nice shoes because I need some for interviews and such, but I'm not paying that much for shoes so I can ruin them in the mud on a farm the first time I wear them.


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              I wore heels to a wedding The Boyfriend was shooting last weekend (we turned it into a mini-vacation) and was seriously regretting my decision 7 hours later. Even though the shoes were insanely cute (tiny polka-dot navy peep toes with a bow on the toe), I wear men's high top hiking boots all day for work (mandatory), flimsy tennis shoes for running errands, and go barefoot at home. My feet were killing me!

              The next day was thankfully a beach day because my feet swelled up like you wouldn't believe and turned a faint purple on top later that afternoon. I ended up soaking them in a hotel trashcan filled with cold water that evening.

              So... yeah, definitely go with flats if you at all can. Seconding the DSW recommendation. Their stuff is SO cool! And it's better quality than Payless (though I shop there every once in a while too).


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                Nothing like women permanently stretching and changing the musculature of their legs to please other people..

                Might as well go back to foot binding so you can show how desirable you are for marriage by not being able to walk up stairs or out of the house.

                ...p.s. I saw a woman wearing Vibrams the other day, I was in love, although I'd hope she washes her feet before getting in bed.

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                  Have to admit the amazon ones really are not dressy. Comfortable - yes, I like them (actually wouldn't mind getting them for myself), but not for bridesmaid. The sole is very thick. Some kind of balerina flats could do. Maybe shining, maybe with cristal decorations. Something like this Blowfish Nakato Tan Vintage Slither - Free Shipping BOTH Ways or this Type Z Zuma Nude - Free Shipping BOTH Ways or Diba Kora Lee Gold/Gold - Free Shipping BOTH Ways Certainly depends on the dress you will be wearing and how much of the shoe will be seen. Remember you will have to last the whole day in those shoes! Otherways I would get some beige patent leather pumps on medium heels, love those. And can be worn almost anywhere with most any outfit.


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                    Oh, what about these: Dr. Scholl's Women's 'Habit' Flats: Shoes pewter or beige?


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                      Originally posted by Techie View Post
                      Nothing like women permanently stretching and changing the musculature of their legs to please other people..

                      Might as well go back to foot binding so you can show how desirable you are for marriage by not being able to walk up stairs or out of the house.
                      That's cute. Ever thought that we wear high heels because we want to? You know? Since we can actually use our own money and not ask our husbands and stuff? They can actually be worn outside of the kitchen.
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                        I deal with heels by NOT wearing them.

                        I have worn these to several semi-formal occasions with tailored dress slacks etc.
                        Vibram Performa Jane - Vibram FiveFingers Women's Performa Jane + Free Shipping
                        Other women liked them and were jealous of my comfort.
                        Some of them actually ended up taking off their nice heels at some point.

                        It's too bad the Vibram quit making this style... I live them so much I have an extra pair in the closet in more than one color.
                        I have black, pink, orange, and purple of the leather Performa style.
                        One orange pair I have been wearing for nearly three years, and thought it is starting to get a bit rough at the toes they are still in pretty good shape. For dressing nice the second orange pair will have to come out of the closet soon though. And then they will be gone. No more leather VFF's after I wear out those pairs.
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                          Cheap+ comfortable+ attractive shoes don't really exist.

                          I'd stick with flats, because heels tend to sink in mud, and even little kitten heels do. Unless... you could do a wedge.
                          Nine West Garcen Grey Leather - Free Shipping BOTH Ways

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                            Low-heel, low-cut faux riding boots. Smart, durable, gives you a bit of a "posh punk" look, though.
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                              Could you get 2 pair... something that's nice and reusable for work for the ceremony, and something that's comfy and cleanable/throwaway for the reception? No one will really care what's on your feet after the ceremony/pictures.