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Ladies, how do you deal with heels?

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    Originally posted by Damiana View Post
    That's cute. Ever thought that we wear high heels because we want to? You know? Since we can actually use our own money and not ask our husbands and stuff? They can actually be worn outside of the kitchen.
    Thank you. The heels I wore were ones that I chose myself and paid for with my very own money. My boyfriend even asked, "Are you sure you want to wear those?" and, of course, I did. Until 7 hours later.


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      Here is another option from Vivobarefoot:

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        i'm not getting why she wants you to wear "dressy" shoes outside in potentially mucky weather. Is she planning to ruin her shoes too?

        i'll echo the advice for flats or wedges at most, and if they're definitely going to be ruined, look at payless.

        cowboy boots are good for all-day comfort but i wouldn't wear any of mine in muck, they're too fancy.

        ebay is a good place to get nice barely used shoes cheap but if you have issues with buying w/o trying on, then that won't work.


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          Originally posted by magnolia1973 View Post
          Cheap+ comfortable+ attractive shoes don't really exist.

          I'd stick with flats, because heels tend to sink in mud, and even little kitten heels do. Unless... you could do a wedge.
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          I think these are a great option. As long as you wipe any mud off a few times over the course of the day, say, with some extra paper towel of TP whenever you go to the bathroom, they won't get ruined. The leather will be fine.
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            Originally posted by magnolia1973 View Post
            Cheap+ comfortable+ attractive shoes don't really exist.
            LOL, that reminds of that business maxim: fast, good, cheap - pick two.


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              I went to H&M and got some plain nude $13 flats. I'll spray them with waterproofing so they'll look decent enough for the whole ceremony and they can be thrown out after. If I'm feeling fancy I'll sew some blue beads on them to match the dress and whatever jewelry I make for myself.

              For you ladies that like heels this looks very promising to me: High Heel Pain Relief - Insolia Inserts As a researcher interested in gait, it makes a lot of sense to me and helps counteract some of the worst properties of heels.

              Also, thanks for the suggestions for shoes. I will be buying myself a nice, comfortable pair of heels for conferences and I'll try on as many of the suggestions here as I can.
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                I wear them all the time, when I'm not barefoot, they're great on my "slightly wide" feet and "i hate heels" ankles. online or dsw, tons of styles, prices are quite manageable, and lots of sales.


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                  I tried on lifestride shoes today and it was amazing! Better fit than the Eccos and much cheaper and easier to find too. Thanks so much for the suggestion! Maybe I'll finally be able to find some going out shoes that don't make me run for a barstool.


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                    So glad I could help! I have "strands" as my dressies - I see they come in champagne which might fit your color scheme. But mostly, have a great time at the wedding!


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                      I was going to suggest these:
                      Soft Star Shoes - Shiny Platinum Adult Ballet Flat | Soft Star Shoes

                      Not cheap, but if you spray them with their waterproofing spray they should not be ruined by the mud. I have a pair (different colour) and they have held up very well and of so comfy!!


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                        If you are looking for folding footwear in USA, then look no further than Salvatos. We provide modern and stylish folding flip-flops, folding gladiators at reasonable prices.


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                          i commiserate on the not wearing heels issue. as a tall woman, i dont divulge never.
                          good luck on the shoe hunt!