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    All righty, if this isn't "odds and ends" I don't know what is, cuz this is apropos
    of NOTHING regarding MDA.

    I'm wondering if any of you wise parents out there know about any
    kind of software that filters out searched keywords.

    I've found thousands of packages that restrict WEBSITES, but when my kid
    types in SEX (which just happened day before yesterday, and thank goodness
    I check the computer history every day and busted his candy ass), then I want something to come up that basically says "Too Bad So Sad, Try Again".

    Or you know, nothing to come up.

    I don't want to restrict him from googling, but I do want to restrict what
    comes up from what he puts in the search bar.

    So "sex" was from my 11yo (kinda normal for this age, I GUESS, but still) and
    my EIGHT year old searched "how to make smoke bombs without tape".


    They've obviously inherited my devious and sinister side, but I'd like to block
    it if I can.

    Otherwise, bye-bye computer for them, besides schoooooool stuff.

    I know about NetNanny and all the other ones, but none of them SPECIFICALLY SAY
    that they block internet searches, just the damn websites! So how do you get to the website
    without even freaking searching it first?




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    Okay! Never mind! Found a FREE one and it's totally awesome... and now I'm having a hard
    time thinking of swear words to block.


    This amuses me, because when NOT in the presence of my children, um, well, I swear... LOTS.



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      When it comes to this topic, I think fighting it will not work. It might work at their current age, but sooner or later they'll find a work around. I'm not sure.

      The best that can be done for the long-term is to harbor good habits. Teach them about moderation, especially for "sexual" things. Teach them about consequences, internet privacy. Let them know how some things they do on the internet is permanent, like a tattoo.

      The smoke bomb thing is funny. I've seen videos of them. They aren't dangerous, they just produce a lot of smoke (no "exploding"). Maybe it could be a cool family science experiment? Better that than him making one for devious reasons.


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        Yeah, I know, my son hasn't even had "the talk" yet - but his friends
        have, and a friend that was over that had had the talk, had him type
        in the word.

        My 11yo is very innocent, doesn't care about girls, OR sex for that matter, since
        he only has a slight clue what it is, but I know when he starts the 6th grade
        this year, it's all over, so I'm just getting ready....

        With regard to internet privacy, my major motto that I've been sporting for 20yrs
        now is "say it forget it, write it regret it".

        So NO ONE in this house will EVER have a facebook, etc account.

        No instant messaging, no chat rooms, no nothing.

        If you want that stuff, hurry up, grow up, move out, and get it yourself.

        Yeah, my 8yo wasn't trying to be devious at all, but just the thought of him
        typing in "how to make a smoke bomb without tape" cracked me up.

        His "smoke" turned out to be some chalk that he grated into a fine powder,
        poured it carefully into one of those nerf dart gun openings, then pulled the
        trigger and when the dart came out, so did the "smoke".

        So, still naive..... but I know they have MY blood coursing through their veins
        and they are doomed... just doomed... as I was a very sneaky and devious child..
        however, *I* never got caught. EVER. And I have done some pretty hellacious

        Precisely the reason I'm burning in hell instead when I croak.

        At least I'm wise to "all the tricks" because I've done them all. ALLLLLLLLLLL!

        Anyway, thanks for the post!!!!!