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5 months and I'm still thinking "once I hit my goal, I'll be able to eat ..

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    Originally posted by Diechipmunk View Post

    Do the cravings ever go away?
    I quit smoking 3 years ago and still have cravings at times, but it's really only if I have a couple drinks(vodka on the rocks, please). However, I still sometimes have dreams about smoking cigarettes like a banshee, pack after pack. I'm completely upset with myself in the dream too. As I'm doing it, I'm literally almost in tears, dissapointed in myself.

    I've been eating Paleo on and off for a couple of years. I'm now a month deep in what I'd call "my strictest attempt yet" at Paleo. I know my physical addictions are giving way and my habitual routine/mental side at this point. I know this because I'm starting to have similar dreams about eating grains, pizza, etc. Haha. I'm just as dissapointed too!

    So no, maybe my cravings will never REALLY go away, but when I consider the implications of various addictions I'm easily reminded of why I quit in the first place. Being a human means self-control and the pride you feel when you have it. If you're eating enough fat and not cheating, you should have minimal cravings. Are you planning your self-sabotage perhaps?

    Final thought: when I think back to the times that I fell off the paleo-wagon; in every case I was trying to do a high-protein, low-fat, low-carb WOE. It's frickin' futile! Now I'm 70%+ fat, 20%Protein, 10% carb...and its been the most effective WOE yet.

    Good luck!
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      Originally posted by Damiana View Post
      Depending on your body size, it's not really possible to have x cheats more often once you've reached your goal weight. A larger, taller person, maybe, but too many indulgences on a small frame and I'd be back where I started. It is possible to relax a bit though.
      It's definitely true that a smaller person has less leeway than a larger one. My DH is 5'11" and maybe 60% primal. He lost 45lbs last year and maintains a pretty lean weight in spite of regular cheating.

      I consume about 1000 calories in beer each week, feel amazing, and still continue to slowly lose weight. But I don't snack, except on fruits and veggies if I'm really hungry and I treat primal baked goodies and nuts exactly the same way I treat beer - I never think of them as freebies. I think the smaller you are, the more critical it is that you focus on consuming nutrient dense food before you indulge in high calorie yummies, primal or not.
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        I've recently gone to two meals a day and cut out chocolate. I've had pretty much no cravings for crap non-food for over a week. Perhaps it's the ghrelin.
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          Funny, I haven't had a beer since I started this thread. I have a few good ones in the fridge, and still have a cellar full of excellent brews aging. I've had a few glasses of red wine in the last week, but just didn't feel like a having a beer.

          I also haven't cooked on the charcoal grill in that time either.


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            You can eat those things now - but they're not good for you.
            You can eat those things when you're at your goal weight - but they still won't be good for you.

            As for cravings and foodie thoughts, I've found they do go away, but more important, motivation and experience get stronger. I used to crave ice cream. When I finally gave in after many months, I discovered that in reality, it's just cold, wet and way too sweet. So I am now more able to say "It's not good for me. Why would I sacrifice health for something that doesn't taste good to me any longer?"

            Having said the self-righteous part, I am compelled to admit that I still have "coping mechanisms" that I like to think are only temporary. I still have a sweet tooth, so I keep some dark choc, honey and (gasp) diet dr. pepper around. But I turn to them maybe once a month now instead of once a day.
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              Yes, cravings diminish. The only thing I really crave is fruit, and I suspect that has some psychological childhood happiness trigger, lame as it sounds.
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