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    I'm much more relaxed, focused when I need to be, and generally more open to new input.

    I didn't freak out when my husband got laid off last month. Then after HE got laid off, random people working at really cool places have started calling ME asking if I'm looking! Weirdest thing ever. [I can't explain how that was caused by my going Primal, but I also can't explain tornadoes, and those happen, so there you go.]


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      Yup definitely sleep better with lots more energy. My depression has really improved, no more migraines, and no more indigestion or stomach problems. I really think Primal has improved just about everything

      Has anyone else noticed that food has more flavor? I feel like I can really taste everything I put into a dish. And smell too! My friend thought I might be pregnant since my sense of smell has gone through the roof! (I'm not)


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        My seasonal allergies are almost non-existent now. I used to have to use Nasonex most of the time - now I only get stuffed up when my cat sits on my lap. I haven't used Nasonex in months.

        I'm much happier over-all, and I seem to be handling stress better - instead of getting all down and grumpy with work problems, I'm staying calmer. I feel really cheerful most of the time.

        I can finally sleep through the night - I've achieved the perfect sleep - 10 pm until 6:30 am without waking up once! I couldn't believe it. I can't do that every night, but I'm sleeping through the night often enough now to make me feel pretty rested most of the time. In the past, I'd be awake from about 3 a.m. - 5 a.m. almost every night. I do take Magnesium Citrate at bedtime and I give this a lot of credit for helping with my sleep.

        I look forward to my workouts now, and actually enjoy going. That's very new and strange for me.

        For the first time in probably 10 years, I don't crave chocolate every single day of my life.


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          Something else I've noticed recently -my eyelashes are growing like crazy! Definitely no need for Latisse or that crazy stuff. I think it's due to using coconut oil on my face and eating it as well


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            Originally posted by batty View Post
            my oral hygiene has improved too! i get so much dang meat stuck in my teeth that my flossing frequency has increased. much to the delight of my dentist

            but seriously, my mood swings that used to be, like, 99% of my behavior are largely nonexistent now. i feel so much better.
            Better teeth was the reason I continued with primal eating once I lost weight. I had incredibly porous teeth and even though I brushed 3x a day and flossed daily, I still had cavities every time I went to the dentist. 6 months after going primal, I had my first check-up that did not involve a filling! And I haven't had a cavity in the almost 6 years I've been doing this!


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              I haven't seen any gray hairs in about 6 months. Which is pretty wild, because I got a whole slew of em about a year ago and I thought I was finally doomed.


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                I have terrific energy and focus, and people have noted that I'm "glowing.". I've also noticed that things taste better, that water tastes sweeter, and that salt is way saltier.


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                  I used to wake up 4-5 days a week with a headache. The back of my neck throbbing and aching. Most days started with a coffee and two tylenol or advil.

                  Now I haven't had a headache in at least 2 months. It is such an unbelievably awesome thing for me to be headache-free. Never thought it would happen!

                  Whoops, actually I did have one headache about 2 weeks ago. After a night of eating some bad stuff (TONS 'O CARBS) I woke up with a doozie. One headache in 2 months and I'm sure I know exactly why I got it.

                  Stuck to the plan since then, and I'm back on the headache-free wagon. Yet another reason to keep eating properly.


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                    My allergies used to be terrible. Multiple surgery, shot, and pills bad. Now they are virtually non-existent.


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                      It's great to hear all the benefits people are experiencing. I'm only on day 8 of trying to eat primal but so far I've been surprised at the lack of hunger and I feel quite good. Still unsure about what to eat sometimes but I'm not actually bothered about not eating something were as before I would get quite obsessed about what to eat next.

                      I lost 2lb in the first 5 days so am looking forward to more fat loss, better sleep patterns and generally a better life! So glad that I found this way of living.


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                        Originally posted by billdb View Post
                        I'm wondering if others have experienced unexpected benefits from primal eating.
                        My brain is working a lot "clearer" during the day.

                        My 3pm potato chip / chocolate cravings have absolutely disappeared without a trace.

                        My 5pm after work bourbon cravings have also gone. I'll still have one of two every now and then, but there are no cravings.

                        Best of all though, my feeling of wellbeing, general health and achievement (so far) are just sensatonal and give me greater incentive to read and learn more, and continue walking down the PB road (between 55% and 75% of max HR of course)
                        Commenced PB Jan 2nd 2012.
                        86.1kg, 23% bodyfat
                        Last assessment January 26, 2014 - 79.4kgs & 14.6% bodyfat

                        My goal is to:
                        Maintain PB lifestyle of diet and exercise.
                        Maintain weight of around 80kgs and 15% bodyfat.