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No migrains going on two months!!!!

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  • No migrains going on two months!!!!

    Just had to share because I am so excited.

    I have suffered from chronic migrains all my life. They first started when I was 8 years old. I was a dancer and remember running off stage to vomit and then go back and finish a performance. My mom would get me in the car and I would cry all the way home as I was in so much pain. I didn't know it at the time but I am intolerant to milk and my mom thought I should try going off the stuff to see what happens.

    The migrains went away but came back when I was 16. I used to have 1-2 migrains a month lasting for 3-7 days, the longest lasting 2 months straight. My medication of choice was rotating prescription migrain drugs and advil migraine. I would take 4 Zomigs or Axert and 4, 400 mg advil every 24hrs. Lets just say it either doesn't touch the pain or you are knocked out and drugged for days. Migrains run in my family, horribly my mom suffers way more than me.

    I am allergic to gluten and lactose intolerant and sensitive to a number of other things as well as diagnosed with IBS so I have always struggled with getting the proper nutrients. (Again, my mom suffers way more than me) I have experimented with vegetarian diets, and vegan but I was left with no energy and still chronic pain.

    I have recently stept up my dedication to eating primally and have been eating more meat (chicken and turkey primarily, still having trouble with red meat) I have always enjoyed every vegetable under the sun, as well as avacados, nuts and nut butters. I have stopped eating sushi, ( the only time I would eat a grain) eliminated a lot of fruit and I gave up soy milk in favour of almond milk, sweetner and gum.

    At the same time I started seeing a naturopath in Vancouver as I was willing to do anything to get rid of the pain. She did a blood test to test my sensitivites. She found sensitivities to gluten, milk, yeast, yogurt, ginger, soy, coconut, tomato, pineapple, )

    After eliminating these I have been free of pain for 2 months. A record for me.

    The hardest one to eliminate was coconut oil as it was a stapple for me. However, after a month I am slowly going to incorporate it back to test and see what happens.

    If anyone is struggling with migrains try PB and eliminating one thing or a couple of things to see if it might be the compounding factor. I have introduced PB to my mom in the last couple weeks and she is experimenting as well. So fingers crossed....for both of us!!!!

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    Primal Power strikes again! Congrats on the changes and improvements. Keep it up!


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      A friend asked me yesterday about their child who had developed horrendous migraines of the type you describe. I'm going to drop them the link to this thread. Thanks for posting this.
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