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What do you do after a non-paleo day or two?

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  • What do you do after a non-paleo day or two?

    so, my birthday just passed and for really the frist time since going full paleo in november i had a pretty bad couple days.

    historically i have had what i call a non-paleo day (i dont like the word cheat because i am trying hard to to avoid the concept of this being a "diet") maybe once every six weeks where i indulge in a favorite, likely pizza.

    Sadly, i just had 3 bad pretty bad days in the last five. I got on the scale and was flabergasted with a ridiculous gain, but realize a lot of it will come back out quick, body holding onto excess water from high salt intake, carbs sticking around etc.

    What do you guys do if you fall off? I know some of you seldom do, but i am sitting here a bit on the bummed side and considering an IF for the rest of the morning/afternoon and chugging some water.
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    Lots of water....and head to the gym......


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      I usually do a fast the next day and skip breakfast/lunch and drink a bucket load of water.

      also make sure you get a decent night's sleep.
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        i have racquetball this afternoon so that will help my psychi a bit. water is on going in stat

        i couldnt sleep at all last night. all the ridiculous food gave me horrible indigestion and stomach cramps lol
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          I try to have a weekly meal plan made out each Sunday and if I stray from it I will usually try to figure out what caused me to stray and come up with better solutions for the next time I am in that or a similar situation, then I up my H20 consumption for a day or two to help flush the system and get back on the eating plan ASAP.
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            You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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              oh i understand that it is just a hiccup in the road but was just wondering what other people do, how they feel, what their jump start back into things plan was. thanks so far guys
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                Even if I feel poorly (bloating and slowed digestion), I just go back to normal. I don't want to deprive my body of any missed nutrients or fuel while it's struggling with the poor food choices I made.
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                  I don't eat the next day, at all. That usually gets rid of all the extra glycogen and bloatedness.

                  Note, I've been cheating one night a week for the 5 weeks I've been in Italy. The good thing is that it is alcohol which gets burned up first and I walk to and from town which is 9km each way up steep hills.


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                    and a student just gave me a whole pizza cuz they thought my birthday was today. i gave most of it away
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                      Nothing out of the ordinary. I go back into my routine, as if nothing had happened. You're probably bummed because, despite not referring to it as a "cheat" day, you're considering it some kind of failure. I can't really give any advice on how not to feel that way, other than "don't." It isn't a dead end where you have to turn around and go back, it's a detour that just takes you along the scenic route.


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                        The last time I felt crappy from eating I had done a carb refeed you were supposed to eat on top of the other food you had already eaten. I felt almost nauseated that night, then wasn't hungry the next day. I had a snack at dinner and decided that WOE wasn't for me.


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                          Slaughter a lamb in front of a grok idol then eat it raw. The lamb not the idol.

                          Relax, you won't go to wheat hell.

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                            After a particularly bad day, i.e., plate of gluten free spaghetti (usually rice, quinoa, corn pasta mixes), I will fast for the next day until dinner and eat a small dinner. Stuff like a plate of spaghetti can seriously make me feel full for 2 days.
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                              Physically: nothing drastic. 3 days out of the 1000s remaining is nothing. I might accommodate the diminished appetite by reducing portions slightly or a leisurely walk/bikeride.

                              Mentally: I strongly advise against the "crime and punishment" head trip. IMO any sort of recovery/atonement mechanism only makes us more vulnerable to future misbehavior. Better to live with our choices 100% of the time.

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