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    Originally posted by Rusty View Post
    Whether it's ignorance, sadness, shame, bad advice from the medical establishment, lack of will power, or more than likely a combination of all of that. I wouldn't wish obesity on anyone. These are people, who are loved, and should be respected as human beings. The road to good health is pockmarked with landmines, and anyone who wants to lose weight is going to hit a few on their travels. The best anyone can do is be supportive, and not so incredibly judgmental.
    +1 Beautifully said. Thank you.


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      Originally posted by magnolia1973 View Post
      No personal flaw gets judged quite as harshly as being fat except maybe smoking. The assumption that the reason people are fat is laziness or lack of self control is wrong in a lot of cases and probably why we have so many fat people.

      If people are fat because they are lazy, and lazy means being some form of a couch potato, why are there so many fat people running? Why did I cross the finish line of a marathon while obese? I assume that the ability to train for a marathon and doing it makes me not lazy. However, taking a step to not be lazy did not make me less fat.

      If people are fat because they lack willpower/control over their eating, why was I fat while eating well below the US RDA for calories, consistently while being more active than an average person? I was plenty hungry and restrictive and not noshing on McDonalds. Controlling my consumption of calories did not make me less fat.

      Yes, there are people who are lazy and eat McDonalds and they come in all shapes and sizes. But assuming all people are fat for that reason leads to really ineffective weightloss advice. I remember a yearly check up and the doctor advised me to "walk 20 or 30 minutes a day, quit drinking soda and stay away from fast food". That was super unhelpful to the obese girl that was training for a marathon (I was up to 20 mile long runs at that point) and who was a vegetarian with a carefully controlled diet that did not drink soda or even juice.

      I had no idea my body was simply starved for nutrients and protein and fat and that feeding it would right things. Last night my dinner was a burger with an egg and cheddar on top. 95% of people would call that fattening. 2 years ago my dinner would have been a veggie burger with light cheese on a light wheat roll. 95% of people would say "that's a healthy choice".

      It would be helpful if we reconsidered our kneejerk assumption that fat people load up on crap food and sit around so that when you have people that seem to eat right you can advise them to try a different approach instead of assuming they are "cheating" on a sucky diet that doesn't work. Willpower will never work if it means your body gets so malnourished it hangs onto fat.
      Really well said.

      I admit I used to make fun of fatties (thinking it was a willpower thing or whatever), it's not.