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Taking your temperature--how do you know if your thermometer is working?

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  • Taking your temperature--how do you know if your thermometer is working?

    Hi everyone,

    Stupid question here: How do you know if your basal body thermometer is working properly? The reason I ask is b/c for several days in a row, my thermometer has read 77.3 when I take my temp first thing in the morning (which seemed suspicious--I mean, how could my temp be exactly the same several days in a row?) A few days ago, I took a second reading immediately after the first, and it read 77.6. I then took it a third time, and it read 77.5. Do you think the thermometer is broken, or is it normal for your temp to fluctuate like this? I'm charting my basal body temp mostly for birth control purposes.

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    If that's measuring in fahrenheit, you should be dead, so let's assume the thermometer isn't working right.

    What kind of thermometer is it? If it's digital, it's likely the battery is starting to die. Do you have a food thermometer in the kitchen? You could probably test your odd thermometer by first measuring the temperature of something (warmed up food or whatever) with your kitchen thermometer then use your body thermometer and compare.

    It's not impossible for your base body temp to be the same a few days in a row if all the conditions (wake-up time, how well you slept, how warm it is in the room) are close to the same. Most of the literature I've gone through about charting body temps recommend using a mercury thermometer for greater accuracy.


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      ^ my thoughts exactly. At low 90s in Fahrenheit, you'd be suffering from hypothermia, at'd be suffering from rigor mortis. Either that or you'd be incinerated if its in Celsius. Get thee a new thermometer.
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        oral temps in "mouth breathers" can be low.... and if the thermometer is under the tongue in the front of the mouth it can be even lower.... the meter needs to be in the "heat" pocket under the tongue in the back of the mouth


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          Haha! I meant 97.3, not 77.3, sorry! I'm a freaking idiot sometimes.

          The times I take the measurement weren't the same, but the temps were. This is b/c I often wake up to pee once a night, but sometimes this happes an hour or two before when I'm supposed to wake up. I've read that you should take your temp after getting at least 6 hours of sleep. So if I wake up say at 4 am to pee, I'll just take my temp there. Other times I won't get up to pee so I'll take my temp later when my alarm goes off. But the temps were the same. I don't know, it's weird.

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