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Nanny/Au Pair looking for Primal family

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  • Nanny/Au Pair looking for Primal family

    Reaching out to the primal/paleo world here to help our daughter (22). She's currently working in Germany as an au pair (nanny) and going to language school. We thought this was going to be a good thing - for the most part it is. But the food issues are enormous The host family (parents are doctors) have some of the most backward, arcane views of food we've seen for a long time. Examples are: more than one egg a week will give you heart disease; raw milk will give you renal failure & you will die; fat gives you heart disease; antibiotics will cure anything; sugar is good for you when you are sick; cooking with any fat contaminates all the other food in the kitchen ... and the list goes on.

    As an au pair her food & board is meant to be covered as part of the job - but with this family she is having to buy all her own food. Their breakfast is a sweet roll, lunch is away at jobs/school and dinner can be something exciting as 3 asparagus spears with a baked potato, or rice milk (rice boiled in UHT milk & sprinkled with cinnamon & sugar) or tomato soup. She is only getting paid 60 euros/week and at present she is struggling to survive as she's spending 50 euros+/week on all her food. She is a celiac, so finding a true paleo/primal family is very important. This is a kid who was raised here California on raw dairy, grass fed meats, bacon, butter and organic fruits & veggies. She is HUNGRY!!

    My purpose in posting here: we are trying to figure out how to find her a paleo/primal family that she could work for. It would be from September 2013 to May 2014. She is bright, energetic, very sporty (currently playing Rugby in Germany! and has been a fitness instructor at our local gym), has been a camp counselor for many years and loves working with kids.

    If you have connections, or information, or would possibly be interested in hiring her as a nanny/au pair, please let us know.
    Thanks :-)

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    If she is working through an organization, she should talk to the person in charge of placement and tell them about her situation. I'm sure they can find a better fit for her.


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      Where in Germany is she? I don't need an au pair, but could always ask at work...


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        Tdugmen: she is currently living in Freiburg im Bresgau (near Basel). Even finding a relatively local paleo community would be helpful at this stage of the piece.

        Zoebird: individual contracts - so no come back to change placement :-(



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          That doesn't sound like the Germany I know. There was a survey in a paper here about world diets and the German shopping pile looked pretty good.


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            Have her connect with the Crossfit folks in Freiburg:

            And if she can find an Aldi, she can easily eat Primal on the cheap. From Wiki travel: Grocery stores: Migros, located in the basement of Karstadt at the north end of Kaiser-Josef-Straße, is the largest one, but expensive. Rewe, located at Fahnenbergplatz, and Aldi, in the basement of Schwarzwald City, are among the cheapest. Kaufland to the north of the city on Waldkircher Strasse has an impressive range. Treff discount supermarkets are also excellent for the budget conscious.
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              Is it a possibility for her to cook her food away from the home? If she have access to a kitchen, or anything of the sort, there really should not be a problem to get the cost down from 50 euros for sure.

              If she is staying at a rural area it shouldn't be impossible, or even particularly difficult or expensive, to build an old-fashioned dirt oven. I've only ever baked bread in one, but there should be no reason why it cannot be used to cook meat, eggs or stews.