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What to do while in Jamaica?

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  • What to do while in Jamaica?

    I'll be going to Montego Bay, Jamaica for a week in mid-June for a wedding. Is there anything I shouldn't miss while I'm there? It doesn't just have to be something in Montego Bay, I'm game for about anything. I know there is more to the place than the resort, the beach, and the tourist trap commercial zone that the websites keep talking about... so I'm asking everyone here. Anyone been there / live there and have any suggestions about things I shouldn't miss?

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    Hi Darien19 - I've got a pretty primal answer for you! I lived in Jamaica as a kid and my dad retired back there a few years ago. We lived in the Port Antonio area, which is gorgeous and quite safe. My suggestion is actually what you might call a "meat pilgrimage"! Near Port Antonio is a small beach called Boston Bay, and it's the original home of jerk pork. They have a big open pit where they slow cook jerk pork, chicken, and sausage over allspice branches - it is fabulous and bears no relation to any jerk pork you've ever tasted. Though you do have to like spicy, it's not for the faint of heart. They will likely have the spice for sale in old 7up bottles or similar - get some. a 500 ml bottle will last a looooong time.

    It's almost at the other end of the island but to me it would be worth it. Plus the little beach is just perfect. You might even see my dad!
    have fun, Sue


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      Thanks Sue!

      I'll see if we can take a travel day on the island... the folks I'm going with are afraid to get too far from Montego Bay for some reason LOL I've been looking online at things to do. I kind of want to do the zipline tour of the rainforest canopy and go to the luminous pools (what do you think about them?). I'm sure we'll spend a day just being lazy at the resort too. I don't want to pack the schedule full, 2 or 3 scheduled things, the wedding, and some relaxing. If I can convince anyone to come with me, I will check out that town and get some kick ass jerk pork!