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What scents do you find appealing?

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  • What scents do you find appealing?

    -Both on yourself and on others?

    I personally can't stand most perfumes- they make my head hurt after too long. I usually just wear sweet almond oil as an all over moisturizer with a few drops of lavender EO. But I also love the smell of vanilla and cinnamon.

    On others, specifically males... I think they smell best with nothing, except maybe some unscented deoderant. :P

    What about you all? What scents do you find yourself attracted to, and what ones do you prefer to wear yourself? Do you consider them 'Primal'?

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    In general, whatever they spritz/spray in the Westin Hotel chain (some White Rose Tea scent or something like that).

    On me, my homemade coconut oil deodorant.

    On my wife, none.


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      Hate the smell of vanilla (perfume or fake sent; I like the smell of the real stuff). Jasmine always smells like urine to me. I love the smell of coconut and gardenias. Also like patchouli and musk and my boyfriend.


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        My new body wash is coconut/lime. I love cinnamon in the house.
        DH uses Old Spice extreme endurance or something er other once in a blue moon. I like it but not all the time.
        Primal? dunno.
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          On me: Coconut oil, Tahitian gardenia, ylang ylang, jasmine...I may be a valkyrie but I want to smell like the tropics!

          I do sometimes wear Caron's Tabac Blond, but since it's incredibly expensive and I can only get it in the U.S. by physically going to a store in NYC, it's more of a special-occasion scent. It's all tobacco and leather and smells like really good sex.

          On my fella: I really, really, really love Old Spice. It's kind of embarrassing. He works in service, though, so he usually smells like pig grease and smoke and fresh sweat, which I have come to find quite pleasant.
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              I've been wearing this for 15 years


              On men: sweat, a bit of BO and Old Spice sprayer things.
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                I like light fruity smells on me and on women... anything with coconut is good. I rarely like anything flowery, except sweet pea, for some reason I love that. I guess I also love the smell of lilacs but after a few minutes I'm sick of it. I hate gardenia and fake vanilla... and almost all mens colognes. Luckily my husband doesn't wear any, and only minimal deodorant (this guy can't smell if he tries, despite being quite sweaty. So jealous.).
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                  In the morning.

                  Smells like.......... victory.


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                    On me: I use "jasmine vanilla" body wash from bath and body works. No perfume or anything. My husband's favorite scent on me is the way I smell the morning after I've been outside all day the day before.
                    On my guy: He uses Old Spice Mountain Rush soap and a gillette aftershave. My favorite smell is "his smell": kind of dusty vanilla-y with a bare hint of musk, kind of the way an old book smells. Hmmm... Excuse me, I need to go home real quick...
                    In general: the smell of rain that I remember from growing up (wet concrete, wet clay soil and green growingness), the smell of an old book, the smell of an expensive cigar's smoke after several hours of dissipating, the smell of outside (like you smell in your hair after you come in), the smell of an evening of barbecue and fireworks; you know, all the ones that man can't duplicate.
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                      Natural scents:
                      Onion sauteeing in butter
                      any citrus

                      Opium perfume
                      Crabtree & Evelynn's Nantucket Briar


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                        I second whoever said "Bacon!"

                        Also, apparently when I use coconut body lotion, I smell terrific to at least one of my co workers.


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                          Gotta say perfume doesn't do it for me.

                          But freshly ground cumin.... That's got a visceral sensuality I can't resist.


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                            Coconut, cinnamon, ylang ylang, hyacinths gardenias and jasmine-- but only the growing kind, not 'scented' things...

                            Nag champa, that time before the rain, sawdust, leather, the sweet Texas night in the summer, distant skunk in the country...

                            and oddly enough (in fact, the reason i'm replying), since going primal, I've really found a great love for the smell of baking bread-- but I don't want it. I love the smell, but its not like something I crave eating... I just have come to find it a very pleasant scent. And I've always loved driving past the beer brewery off of the highway.

                            The prepackaged bread section of grocery smells makes me right sick though... plastic and preservatives. Always has, now it's just worse.

                            edit: Oh yeah-- the closest thing to 'perfume' i've ever liked is the 'amber' scent of those little 'egyptian' oils with the tiny gold mosque-looking top. Anyone know what I'm talking about? That is such a good smell!
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                              I use coconut oil as a moisturizer, and I really love it. I also have a scent called "Realm" with human pheromones (my secret weapon). It's a very light spicy scent that dissipates quickly, leaving the pheromones.

                              On my man, he doesn't use a cologne. He just smells like...him (yum!). Plus a hint of Patchouli from the incense his relatives use in the house. SUPER hot.

                              In my house, sometimes a Patchouli or Nag Champa incense if I've skanked the place up with fish or something. If it's cold outside, sometimes I'll simmer a pot of water with a stick of cinnamon and a couple cloves in it.

                              One of my favorite outside smells is after a thunderstorm or hard rain...

                              ETA: ikaika, I have some of that Amber Resin, in little chunks you can burn on a charcoal tablet. I purchased it at a new age store, and it came in a little sandalwood box. I REALLY love that. If I even open the drawer where I keep it, it turns me on ;-)

                              AWESOME thread :-D
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