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I might have been drinking tainted raw milk

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  • I might have been drinking tainted raw milk

    The farm reported in this article is where I've been getting my raw milk from. The store that carries it stopped selling it 2 weeks ago and I found out why only today:

    I haven't had any illness during the time I drank it, but I'm worried because I'm pregnant.

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    Oh, CRAP, maba!!!

    Please be excellent to yourself...and of course you know DH is going to be insufferable about this from now on ;-)


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      I contacted the local WAPF chapter about this and the president responded to my email. She said there's still no absolute proof that the milk was the source of contamination and the famer is made to be guilty before proven innocent. And as always, raw milk is made to be the scape goat, another member said.

      I feel a little reassured after reading their responses.

      @Kuno: I emailed DH the link and he said how that guy's life is screwed now because of raw milk!