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  • All Inclusive Vacation to Mexico

    Hello there!

    So, Tuesday I leave for an all inclusive vacation to Mexico, staying at a RIU a 5 star. Hoping that the 5 star will have better food choices for me. Its mostly all Buffet meals + 3 a la carte.

    I have been 100% Paleo now for over 6 months, (before my solid 6 months, I had weekly cheats)
    Basically 90/10 Paleo for a year and 100% a half a year.
    I dont respond well to gluten, and have no interest in "cheat" foods anymore (which I love!)

    Has anyone been on an all inclusive vacation and followed Paleo? From what I have seen from various forums, everyone says to relax and eat cake etc etc. but I won't touch any of it. I also don't drink. My mom and her friend (my traveling companions) are also curious what options I will have.

    Has anyone managed to go a week at an all inclusive and followed the PB/Paleo?
    I have no idea what to expect with the buffet options.
    Anything I should look out for? I don't want to be the complainer when my belly expands to a beach ball, eyes puff up and develop a nasty rash.

    Any advice would be great!
    (Dont get me wrong, I do want to take advantage of the food! (the ones I can is an all inclusive after all! )

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    Which Riu? We had planned to go to the Riu Palace Riviera Maya (we would have been there next week) but decided to put it off until next year...hopefully. I'm super jealous of you. From what I understand you will have a lot of food choices. I've never been to an all-inclusive, but I have been on a cruise which is somewhat similar, and last year we went to Atlantis Paradise Island. When I vacation I do not eat paleo, but my wife and I have found it easy to stick to gluten-free, especially when it comes to big fancy resorts. I say go ahead and relax but still do your best to avoid gluten.
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      The nature of my work finds me staying at hotels quite a bit, and we get to Mexico quite often.

      You should be fine for the most part; most places will have eggs, bacon, cold cuts, fresh fruit and cheeses put out for breakfast. They won't be organic, and may have vegetable oil in them, but should be safe otherwise. I'll usually cheat and have some refried beans and salsa verde, and/or some corn tortillas with my scrambled eggs in Mexico.

      Lunch and dinner will be similar. You should be able to find salad, meat and veggies quite easily. Keep it simple and you should be fine, but don't be afraid to enjoy yourself, too. You've lived your whole life this way, 5 days or even 2 meals won't kill you.


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        A couple years back (the year after Wilma), my wife and I went to a resort on the Maya Riviera which was down between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum. Looking at coast with google maps I want to say it was Grand Bahia Principe Tulum/Akumal.

        The food options should include everything you would and would not want. The great thing about these layouts is there is always the carving station for dinner which should offer a beef, pork, and poultry. Things will change daily so you might have some shellfish a couple nights and being on the coast there should be one or two fish items most nights.

        Breakfast is also fairly easy to navigate. A couple different trays of precooked eggs and an omelet station along with your various breakfast porks. The toughest meal will probably be lunch (assuming you eat this meal) due to the fact that you will be off the property visiting town, looking at ruins, or doing an excursion (watch out for all day excursions where they plan to feed you). Other than lunch, booze is the biggest pitfall.

        Then again you can just relax a little if you like. If you are going to eat something questionable make it something local, not just a crap desert or starch you could get back home.


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            I went to onw in Playa De Carmen- it would be so easy to do Paleo.. whole pig, huge fresh caught fish, lots of fruit and veggies! Breakfast are easy too.. eggs and bacon are always available.

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              This is great advice as I'm also going to Mexico next week and was curious on eating ideas...


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                I recently went on a cruise, which fits the same description... for breakfast I had eggs and sausage, lunch was usually seafood on the shore or a semi-primal stew on the ship. Supper was where I went off a bit. I would have a primal main course and appetizer, but then a very non-primal dessert. I didn't sweat the cooking oil, just writing it off as soybean crap and moving on. I gained 3 pounds, not bad for a weeks cruise.
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