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    on the new format thing

    i finally worked out directly under the green forum button theres "new posts" and "today's posts" button which helped me out alot. made it feel more like the old forum.
    "The first wealth is health."
    - Ralph Waldo Emerson


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      Good to see you here OTB. I hope all is going well with your mom.

      I haven't been posting much here other than updating my journal.


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        Yay to the old-timers! I hope you all know I am there as well, I miss them. Sir Grandma, Serial Sinner, Tarlach... most of the ladies have stayed around too though. I feel like the content is watered-down and i have to seriously sift to get to any good information. Oh well.

        Hugs OTB, hope you still get to obtain those free avocados.
        Life on Earth may be punishing, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun!


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          I can understand the distancing. After the honeymoon period (I tend to read a lot more than I post) of being here all the time, I backed off for a while. I think it just happens naturally. I came back because I found during the distancing period I thought I "knew it all" due to getting results... and I plateaued, so figured I'd poke through the archives for some more info I may have missed... and ended up finding a new group of folks posting.... Also, The distancing period made it that much harder to handle all of the nay-sayers in my daily life. Now I quite enjoy posting here, helping to answer the same question over and over again as people did for me when I was new. The civility of this forum is a feat as far as I can tell. Even when you read threads where people are going back and forth with deep seated beliefs, I still don't think of it as a schoolyard brawl (like other forums) and it is entertaining to read. I wish I could have been here for the earlier Primal generation (SoG's time) but I'm glad I'm here now too... it has been a cycle and some of the people I used to enjoy reading have gone, but we pick up new and interesting folk all the time.

          I hope you do choose to stick around OTB, I enjoy your input.


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            Originally posted by darienx19 View Post
            I hope you do choose to stick around OTB, I enjoy your input.

            I was wondering where OTB was myself.

            As many have stated, yes, I imagine there is a likely ebb and flow to the community, with new members coming and veterans moving on. I like to think that some veterans will stick around for the long haul. All those newbies need help!

            Making the switch to the new forum solved many problems, but created a few new ones. It takes a little getting use to. There are more features which makes it a little more complicated than the old forum. That's the tradeoff, I suppose. On the upside, too, we don't have to deal with the Sunday spam session anymore.

            The list of new posts like the old forum had is found in this forum, too. Click "What's New?". Then you'll see "New Posts" and "Today's Posts", the distinction being that "New Posts" change based on what you've already looked at, and "Today's Posts" don't.

            I agree with darienx19 that this forum still manages to have some of the most civil, friendly and intelligent discussions you'll find in most forum boards. I'm proud of what the community members have made of this space. That said, I have seen some pretty heated debates going on that have nothing to do with health and wellness. I'm all for open discourse, but sometimes I wonder what some of these discussions have to do with living a healthy lifestyle. To each his own...

            I'll try to get the wonky post count sorted out and address some of the other issues/concerns you all have with this forum.

            Thanks, everyone!


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              Thanks, Mark!!!


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                OTB I am sure you saw me, you just kicked into denial mode when you saw my photo. It's ok, It'll pass.

                Remember there is always room for improvement, and the community comes up with interesting new facts here and there. so stop moaning about the format and post soon
                “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” -Oscar Wilde
                "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." -George Bernard Shaw
                "The trouble with jogging is that the ice falls out of your glass." -Martin Mull


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                  Thanks for hunting him up. I read the 'old timer's journals' for insight as to what I'm missing. That and when I feel like grabbing something from the vending machine, I try to come here and do a quick run through.

                  Sure, a lot of post are repeated. But, well, that's sometimes just life.

                  Thanks for hounding him out.
                  Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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                    I was lucky enough to sign up when OTB was active, and I benefited from his insight on these forums. I never told you thanks, OTB, but... thanks!

                    I know how you old timers must feel; you were here at the creation when things were so new and these message boards were virgin territory. But although us newer members might seem like a bunch of johnny-come-latelies with our poo threads and "ohmygod I ate a carb" freakouts -- we're Homo Sapiens too, and we're going through many of the same experiences you all had, as Darien explained so thoughtfully.

                    It is so helpful for new people to read the comments of the veterans. For example, Tarlach taught me about tubers after my very first post. His other comments converted me to near-total carnivory and made me a nightshade teetotaler. Griff's expositions are legendary and did much to inform my understanding of nutrition. Primalchild set my fasting protocol with a two-line remark. I could go on. None of these people meant to inspire and inform me specifically, but inspire and inform they did and I am most humbly grateful.

                    Now, when I see a new person posting for the very first time, I try to offer words of encouragement. I know that person might be here today and gone tomorrow -- or they might be the next Diana or Sterling, or someone even more amazing in their own right. Perhaps the most important thing I've learned from the PB is never to dismiss the potential of another human being. Sometimes all it takes is a couple of kind words to light a fire that burns for a lifetime.

                    Just yesterday I got the kindest note from a fellow, a total stranger, who chanced across some of my remarks, wrote me an email, and was somehow inspired to fling himself head-first into the PB. How long would he have had to wait, if I hadn't accidentally been there writing the right thing at the right time for him? And how would he have felt if I had just ignored his comment because I'd moved on to just living the primal life and shunning the LCD?

                    Grok stars and primal idols, don't let complacency overtake you! Spare a thought for those of us who stand where you stood six months or a year ago. We need your example and your insight. Lives are at stake. Noblesse oblige and all that!


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                      Besides, Timothy, this place doesn't look like shutting down anytime soon.

                      In a couple of years, perhaps WE will be the 'old-timers,' who got in 'almost at the beginning.'


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                        I hope that my comments about the constipation threads didn't come off as overly negative. If anything, back when some people were suggesting blocking first-time posters unless they had read a FAQ section, I was opposed to any sort of restriction or "rite of passage" required reading being imposed upon newcomers. There is a phenomenal amount of information on this site, and I think it would be grossly overwhelming to expect people to learn it all before participating in the community. I think I even said something to the effect of, "We were all rookies at one point, too." (I have no idea where the thread might be at this point, so I'm paraphrasing from memory.)

                        There is just something about constant constipation (sorry, I couldn't resist that alliterative gem!) threads that makes me sad.


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                          Thank you all for the numerous posts!! And thanks to Mark, who is actually reading it too!

                          There is some truth for me in every post and I wholeheartedly agree with Timothy about the value of each and every individual. We all bring something to the table, fire whatever we want to call it!
                          I remember when I started last year, my life was about to change in a big way and it seemed I could not afford the energy to transform my life with regards to the BP as I had been wanting to. I started a journal that got neglected along the way and I felt a fraud amongst the "hardcore" Primals. So much has changed for me this last year, reality has brought me to a place that I can truly call Primal in the sense of basic, beginning and fresh.

                          I am happy about this community because it is a vent, an outlet, a safe place to get information and to pass it on, to share ideas and not get laughed at or ridiculed.
                          With the warmer weather approaching, I agree with NorthernMonkeyGirl about abandoning the LCD a little and living "it" more.

                          Hugs and good thoughts to you all!


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                            I'd have to say I agree with the idea that the majority of the forum now is questions that seem silly after you've been eating this way for a year or more. The forums were more exciting six months ago because I didn't have all the answers to my questions yet. Still getting used to the new format, too.


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                              Originally posted by Mark Sisson View Post
                              I'm proud of what the community members have made of this space. That said, I have seen some pretty heated debates going on that have nothing to do with health and wellness. I'm all for open discourse, but sometimes I wonder what some of these discussions have to do with living a healthy lifestyle. To each his own...
                              +1. Thanks, Mark. We are all beginners at some time. The warmth and compassion of this forum is a rare wonder here in the wild world of "www." Still, it seems to me that lately the forum's been creating a lot more heat than light - or more sizzle than steak if you prefer that analogy. (I'm just speaking about the forum here. Your blog I still find to be very high quality.) It's becoming something of a turn off for me, and I will no longer give that stuff any time in my life. If others enjoy it and are having fun, great. Me, I'm going for a hike in my forest with my kettlebell. That's way better way to spend my time than fretting about the state of this forum.


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                                Good to hear from you OTB! I agree with what many old-timers have said about the ebb and flow of the community. I will say what I miss is some of the more "scientific" content. It may still exist in the forum, but I haven't gotten used to finding it efficiently yet. At first the new format was a bit of a turn off, but I think I am over that now. I am getting more used to it, but I've still had fits and starts at contributing again.

                                I do miss the name Sir Grandma being the username displayed on my post (I used a trick on the old forum to make it be that way) I have been thinking about starting over with that a new login.

                                It was nice to see Mark chime in on this thread
                                It's grandma, but you can call me sir.