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  • 404 Fie not found

    Since yesterday, whenever I log onto MDA I can see the blog posts for a moment and then the page changes to the 404 chickens and the article is gone. When I click on the article before the 404 error it goes straight to the 404 chickens when the page changes.

    Anyone else having this issue?

    Using Google Chrome to browse. Haven't tried any others yet.

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    I use Chrome and this has been happening to me on and off lately. It usually happens when they update the blog at 11AM EST, but I have noticed it within the forum as well.

    Specifically, I am getting a "Database Error" page, not 404.
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      No issues here with Firefox. I try to minimize contact with Google...ya can't completely escape it, but at least I avoid their browser, email, and search engine.

      On an totally unrelated note, are you still working at the same place in Spotsy? I haven't been there in ages, but ready to start going there again.
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        Not working @ Harvest Market anymore, Mike. Not since having that stroke back in December 2011. Still keep in touch with them, but these days I mostly shop directly from the farmers we partnered with.

        Currently I am partnering with one of my wife's friends who owns/opperates Big Papa's BBQ (we do weekly events all over VA and MD from March-October). I also helped open the new B&N Bookstore in Central Park last August-January and still put in one or two days a week when we're not booked for BBQ. A lot of my old Harvest Market customers run into me there. Come November I'll go back to full-time-seasonal at B&N again until BBQ season cranks back up.

        *Le Sigh*

        I gave up Google Chrome for just this sort of BS a couple years ago. But I'm not a big fan of Firefox either. Grumble.