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1 step forward, 3 steps back!

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  • 1 step forward, 3 steps back!

    I am a little at a loss and puzzled by my body at the moment!

    After being primal for 3 months now it appears I am getting in worse shape than better. In the beginning of going strict primal (I have always eaten healthy/ organic/ low carb and sugar) I saw great results- more energy, slimming down, less cellulitem great skin a general extra pep in my step woo!

    But then things started a downward spiral after the first 2 months- I have gained a lot of weight, my cellulite is worse than it ever was (worse than on SAD!) and has started to come up even in places I never had it before. I get really tired after every meal, my skin is breaking out and my energy is minimal.

    Bloodwork wise I am fit as a fiddle... what happened?!
    Is it too much meat?
    Too much fat?
    Too long in ketosis? (I found I had much less cellulite the less meat I ate before)

    Any comments or advice would be so so appreciated! Loving the lifestyle but not feeling the benefits

    - Primally Puzzled

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    Without knowing what you are eating, it's difficult to say if the problem is something you are eating .

    Are you eating differently now than you were when you first went primal?

    If you feel better eating less meat, eat less meat! Primal is not one size fits all.
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      This might be relevant? Hormones, Homeostasis, and Why You (Probably) Need Carbs ::


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        You could just be eating too much food. We don't know without your stats.


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          Originally posted by upupandaway View Post
          Great article! Interesting and funny!
          Paleo since April 2013 for health reasons.