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Help me to improve my air quality - need advice - purifier / ioniser

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  • Help me to improve my air quality - need advice - purifier / ioniser

    Hi Guys

    Im a single male and am very busy, my room doesnt get dusted or hoovered often enough and my room often has a strange smell in the air from eating in their all the time ( at least its healthy food )

    Im looking for an ioniser / purifier to put my bed after i have a good spring clean tommorrow.

    Problem is i have no idea what im doing...

    Would somebody tell me what I need to look for or to buy in a purifier - should it also have an ioniser?

    I also struggle with dry nostrils and was looking at adding in a humidifier too - is this a good idea?

    Please help!

    I was looking at this shop

    Heaven Fresh Air Purifiers & Ionisers --- Electro Smog Shielding

    but this product looks amazing... although very cheap... do you think this is a good idea?

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    I have a couple of the heaven fresh air purifiers, and don't find they do too much. I recently bit the bullet, and bought an IQ air air purifier

    Allergies & Asthma Air Purifier » HealthPro® Series | IQAir

    I really notice a difference with it. I have it right by where I sit in the living room and my allergies don't bug me at all. I also crank it to its highest setting after vacuuming, and dusting to clear the air a bit. You can also get a VOC filter with the healthpro series which will remove chemicals, and smells.

    Hope this helps!!!


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      I have an air purifier which I use in the spare bathroom which hosts my cats' litter box.

      It works wonders--cannot even smell the poo. It would probably work well for your situation as well. It does have an ionizer, which I always have on. So I'm not sure if it wouldn't work without the ionizer on.

      It's a HEPA air purifier which I purchased at a regional grocery/department store for like $70. I have seen them at places like Sears, Wal-Mart, etc.
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        At the risk of sounding like your mom.....You could just clean your room.